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Order Approval for WooCommerce

Manually validate new orders based on user roles and products in cart. Receive payment before or after order approval.

Manually Approve Orders

Order Approval for WooCommerce extension offers you a seamless solution to manually validate new orders based on user roles or specific products or categories in shopppers’ carts.

With this extension, you can choose to receive payment before or after orders confirmation. Add custom messages on your checkout page to notify customers about order approvals, and display a visual order-status update on My Account pages.

Why do you need Order Approval for WooCommerce?

Some customers and orders require special handling. Order Approval for WooCommerce helps you manage your shop and ensure customer satisfaction with their orders. 

B2B orders

For wholesale bulk orders, you may want to review the orders and check the availability status before you confirm the order.

Custom products

Custom orders require special handling. Enable manual validation on made-to-order products where the availability, delivery time, custom details, and other aspects of the items may need to be checked and finalized.

Items available to specific customer types

Some products can only be sold and shipped to authorized dealers or qualified customers (sometimes restricted by age or location). You can automatically require manual validation on orders for these products. After a customer orders, you can validate customer information and move the order to the next stage or cancel it.


  • Manually approve new orders
  • Receive payment before or after validation
  • Validate all or specific orders based on
    • User roles
    • Products in carts (products, product categories, or tags)
  • Display order status information on the order detail page (My Account)
  • Email notifications for admin and customers about order statuses

Creating multiple rules for order approvals:

Create multiple rules to approve orders before or after payment based on various conditions like user roles and products or categories in the cart.

Conditions-based order approvals:

Pay and Wait for approval

The Pay and Wait for Approval option enables you to receive the payment first and move the order to the validation stage. Then, the store admin can review the order and validate it or reject it. Once rejected, the order moves to canceled status, and a refund is issued. If approved, the admin can move the order to processing or any other relevant order status.

Wait for Approval and Pay

With the Wait for Approval and Pay option, you can choose to receive payments after approvals. You can even run both simultaneously for different products, categories, product tags, and user roles.

Enable approval based on user roles

You can choose to trigger approval based on selected user roles. You may want to manually validate bulk orders placed by wholesalers and allow general customers to place orders without manual validations.

Validate orders for specific or all products:

Trigger validation based on specific products in customers’ carts. You can choose to enable validation for all or selected products, categories, and tags.

Checkout messages, visual timeline and order-approval flow:

The extension offers multiple customizable messages to display on checkout and Thank You pages. They notify customers about the order approval during the checkout process.

When a customer places an order, a visual status update can display on the order detail page to notify customers about the current status of their orders. The pay button would appear only when the Wait for Approval and Pay option option is selected.

  • Enable or disable the timeline
  • Customize order statuses and updates
  • Disable cancel button
  • Add custom labels and colors for cancel and pay buttons
  • Customize checkout and Thank You page messages

For more details on customization options, please see the documentation.

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Email notifications for admins and customers:

  • Email notifications for admins when a new order is placed and requires approval
  • Email notifications for customers when a new order requires manual approval
  • Email notifications for customers when an order is approved
  • Email notifications for customers when an order is rejected

All email notifications will automatically include standard order details including the billing and shipping addresses. To customize email subject lines and headings, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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