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Product Reviews Star Ratings for WooCommerce

by  POWR
Collect and share your customer comments, ratings, and reviews with the world to build confidence in your business. Create in minutes—no coding required.  

Product Reviews Star Ratings Key Features

  • Show ratings and comments to highlight popular products.
  • Customers can upload images showing how they’re using your product.
  • Remove any unwanted or spammy comments, ratings, or reviews.
  • Set up email alerts for new comments, ratings, and reviews to quickly respond to feedback.
  • Order comments, ratings, and reviews by recency or popularity, or sort them manually.


Share customer feedback on your site with Product Reviews and Ratings

Your go-to for customer feedback and star ratings! Boost sales, trust, and loyalty effortlessly. Customize your display to match your brand seamlessly and gain valuable insights to enhance your website’s performance and product offerings. No coding or web developers are needed!

Flexible Post Settings

With your WooCommerce package, you have full power over how your customer product reviews appear on your store. You can choose to display comments, star ratings, or both. To make your Reviews & Ratings plugin even more effective, consider allowing images in comments so your customers can upload real-life photos that show how they’re using your products.

Stay on Top of Product Reviews with Email Notifications

  • Receive email notifications for every new customer review submitted to your site.
  • Opt to approve reviews before they are posted directly from the email notification, making it convenient even when you’re on the go.

Customize Your Ratings & Reviews Plugin

  • Tailor the appearance of your Ratings & Reviews plugin to seamlessly match the look of your WooCommerce store.
  • Enjoy flexible design options including custom colors, avatars, and other personalized touches.

Have questions before you buy? POWR has Unmatched Support

Need assistance or have questions? Our Help Center and 24/7 support team are ready to guide you through any questions or setup assistance.

With over 18 million installs and 20,000+ 5-star reviews, our commitment to our customers is unquestioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I build on Google Reviews with the POWR Product Reviews app?

We all know that Google reviews are a massively popular rating system, so grasping the opportunity to integrate Google reviews and their brand marketing on your website’s key landing pages can have profound benefits!

Customers who can read product reviews to see other customer’s thoughts and feelings are more likely to buy.

How do I encourage customers to leave reviews on my website?

Brand advocacy is the cornerstone of organic growth, so offering discounts, loyalty points, or other perks can increase the volume of product reviews you receive through your app. You can also send out email review requests to gather additional product reviews to post online.

The POWR Product Reviews plugin provides a seamless user experience, so you can prompt a review after each sale and boost browsing time and engagement from lots of new prospective customers. You can also add a notification bar to encourage customers to leave new reviews.

Can I improve my credibility with product reviews?

The ultimate goal with product reviews is to a) provide useful content site visitors can trust and b) create opportunities for more conversions.

A detailed review can influence consumers when buying online. A product review shows these new site visitors what other people think about your product or service and motivates them to purchase.

Giving customers a voice through product reviews empowers buyers to feel confident in the brand’s credibility, allows interested buyers to browse reviews, spend more time on your site, and make confident purchase decisions.

Do product reviews heavily influence online purchase decisions?

9 out of 10 consumers trust reviews more than advertising, so if you want to develop a strong reputation and demonstrate your authenticity, having a review plugin is the best way to go.

The POWR Product Reviews plugin easily integrates customer reviews from Google or other sources onto your websites. Once the plugin is set up, the app will do most of the work for you and seamlessly add reviews to the site.

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