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Self-service Dashboard for WooCommerce Subscriptions

A simple interface on top of WooCommerce Subscriptions that allows your customers to manage their subscriptions by themselves.

Give Customers Control Of Their Subscriptions

Self-service Dashboard for WooCommerce Subscriptions is a simple self-service interface integrated with WooCommerce Subscriptions that allows your customers to manage their subscriptions.

They can:

  • (NEW!) Change shipping method
  • (NEW!) Update shipping method when subscription is modified
  • Change the next payment date
  • Change the subscription frequency
  • Pause their subscriptions until a specific date
  • Add new products to their existing subscriptions
  • Add new products to their subscriptions for the next shipping only
  • Remove products from an existing subscription
  • Switch from one variation to another
  • Change product quantities

Plugin Benefits

Decrease or eliminate support tickets

Allowing your customers to adjust and make changes to their subscriptions will take the pressure off your support team.

Improve customer experience

People feel frustrated when they don’t have control over the simple things they purchase. Allowing customers to manage their subscriptions without writing tickets and waiting for replies will result in a better user experience and increase customer retention, thus, boosting your CLV (Customer Lifetime Value).

Did you know that “Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer? Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%. The success rate of selling to a customer you already have is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5-20%.” source

Let your customers manage their subscription boxes by themselves!

Self-service Dashboard for WooCommerce Subscriptions is fully integrated with Product Bundles and Composite Products plugins. This gives your customers the possibility of adding subscription boxes to their existing subscriptions. Furthermore, your customers will be able to edit the subscription boxes from their account page, without having to open a ticket.


All the plugin features can be enabled or disabled from the back-end settings. Once an and work within the user’s My Account interface. 

Change the next payment date

If the next payment date is not convenient for your customers they can change it to any date within the next 30 days.

Change subscription frequency

Customers can change the subscription frequency to one of the frequencies predefined by the shop admin.

Pause a subscription until a specific date

This feature is ideal for customers who go on holiday and want to skip the renewal orders that are scheduled while they’re gone. All they need to do is pause the subscription and select the date when they want to reactivate it.

While the subscription is on hold, its status can be seen in the Status field on the Subscription page.

On the specified date set for renewal, the subscription will automatically change its status to Active.

Change shipping method

Customers can use the [Change shipping] button to update their shipping options. This can be useful when you have a new shipping method available or if your customers simply want to change it.

Change shipping button

Add new products to an active subscription

When customers decide they want more products from your website they can add them to an existing subscription. This way, all the products are sent in one delivery.

Add a new product to an existing subscription for the next shipment only

If customers want to buy a new product but don’t want to subscribe to it, they can order it with their next subscription so that all products are delivered together. Products that are added for the next sipping only will be removed from the subscription once the renewal order is complete.

Change the quantity of a subscription product

All the products on an active subscription can have their quantities changed by clicking on the [Change quantity] button and saving a new quantity.

Switch product variation (i.e. choose another color or size)

Customers can easily switch between product variations by clicking on the [Switch item] button and selecting new attributes.

Update shipping method

This feature can be useful for shops that have more than one shipping method and offer free shipping after a certain order value. When customers make changes to their subscriptions that can affect the subscription value, they will be prompted to confirm their shipping method based on the updated subscription.

Change shipping options

Users will get an automated email letting them know that the subscription has been changed. All subscription changes made by your customers will be recorded in the back-end subscription notes

Subscription notes

Other product limitations can be set using various WooCommerce product settings.

For more information on how to limit a product to a single subscription or limit the product quantity to 1 for each subscription please check the documentation.

Choose which Self-service Dashboard features you want to enable/disable.

When the plugin is installed all the Self-service Dashboard features will be enabled. You can choose which features to enable/disable by going to WooCommerce → Settings → Self-service Dash.

Self service dashboard settings


Get started

  1. Purchase and install the Self-service Dashboard for WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  2. Enable the functionalities you need from the back-end settings page.
  3. That’s it, watch your support tickets reduced and your customers become happier.

Details and compatibility

Self-service Dashboard for WooCommerce Subscriptions is compatible with WordPress Multisite and the following add-ons:

Information & Requirements

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions version 4.0+

View documentation for more info


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