Shipping Fees Calculator for Geniki Taxydromiki

Developed by Only maths
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Shipping Fees Calculator for Geniki Taxydromiki

Developed by Only maths

Automatically Calculate Shipping Fees for Geniki Taxydromiki

Shipping Fees Calculator for Geniki Taxydromiki calculates shipping for a sometimes-confusing courier.
For Geniki Taxydromiki, the calculation of shipping fees for inaccessible areas  is complicated.
Until now, there was no easy way to calculate their shipping fees.
With the Shipping Fees Calculator for Geniki Taxydromiki plugin, you can sail right past the challenges of determining the fees for shipping to billing and shipping addresses.
  • Calculate fees for areas Greek shippers deliver to:
    • Within your store’s city areas
    • Land destinations in Greece
    • Island destinations in Greece
    • Inaccessible areas in Greece
    • Cyprus, Bulgaria & Romania
    • and in other zones (enable them with a hook)
  • Calculate fees by destinations and product weights


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  1. Setting Page in English
  2. Setting Page in Greek
  3. Checkout – Within city destination
  4. Checkout – Land destination
  5. Checkout – Island destination
  6. Checkout – Inaccessible area


  1. Shipping Fees Calculation according to Geniki Taxydromiki’s pricelist
  2. Address Validation & Google Address Auto Complete Plugin for WooCommerce
  3. Customizations for checkout fields in cooperation with the autocomplete plugin


Minimum PHP version: 5.6
Minimum WordPress version: 4.7.0
Minimum WooCommerce version: 3.0.0

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