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CAMSS Shelters

CAMSS Shelters produce highly durable shelters that are designed for easy transport and simple, expedited setup.

Boasting a vast array of accessories and coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, these shelters are super customizable and great for many different uses. The leaders at CAMSS Shelters have over 100 years of combined experience, and the company has worked with military service branches, non-governmental organizations, private businesses, and government agencies from local to federal.

These shelters hold up against a battery of extreme tests by military labs, making them perfect for any environment. They are the easiest structures to use in the world’s most difficult conditions – whatever your field, wherever your location, CAMSS Shelters have the strength and durability to make your mission a success.

The highly customizable nature of their products is highlighted through their dynamic product configurator using WooCommerce’s simple and variable product types along with Product Bundles and Composite Products. The result is a beautiful and responsive user interface which delivers spec sheets on demand.

A short screencast showing the configurator in action, customizing the exterior of a CAMSS shelter

Professionally engineered, independently tested, and most importantly proven in the field – CAMSS Shelters are tried and true.