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Discovery Cube Connect

Discovery Cube Connect is the online extension of the popular Discovery Cube science centers found in California.

It inspires and educates young minds through fun and engaging STEM-based activities, exhibits, and programs. The mission is straightforward: make learning science fun, provide hands-on learning experiences, and deliver positive grade-specific learning opportunities.

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in widespread center closures, Discovery Cube’s leadership team reconsidered its role in science education to find ways to serve students suddenly faced with distance learning.

[Discovery Cube Connect] delivers science/STEM learning directly into the home or classroom through fun, engaging, and creatively developed programs and exhibits.

Discovery Cube Orange County approached AnnexCore to expand its reach and help students across the country. They wanted to build a new platform: Discovery Cube Connect, a learning platform and authoritative resource.

AnnexCore helped design and develop this new platform with e-learning functions, an annual membership feature, and better resource organization. It means that Discovery Cube can now deliver quality science/STEM education directly into homes and classrooms 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Parents, teachers, and even caretakers can rate and review each program featured on the platform. “This valuable input will allow us to add more of what teachers and parents think works best and drop what is not working,” explains Discovery Cube CEO Joe Adams.