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Driver61 is a complete resource for motorsports enthusiasts of all experience levels to improve and finesse their skills, whether they are racing seriously or just having fun.

Learn the fundamental techniques you’ll need on track to become faster, safer and more consistent with Driver61’s Driver’s University. A 20-part course presented by professional driver and race coach, Scott Mansell, helps you develop as a racing driver as efficiently as possible.

With 21 years’ experience in motorsport, founder Scott aims to share the knowledge gained from thousands of hours spent in the driver’s seat of a huge variety of cars, from Caterhams to modern F1s. He knows how to get the most from his students, creating a community of like-minded motorsport enthusiasts in the process.

Want in-depth video guides to some of the most iconic circuits? Examine real race footage, review braking points, and racing lines with some local know-how added into the equation. You’ll find track maps and information on testing days at tracks across the UK, plus recommended race and track day car hire for those who want to get into motorsport but don’t yet have the budget to buy a race car outright.

In addition, Driver61 offer deals on a mind-boggling amount of racing gear for both vehicle and driver – race suits, helmets, gloves, boots, FHR Hans devices and even fireproof underwear are available in their online store. Best of all, you can also team up with them to sell your quality parts, equipment, spares and racewear on a commission basis in their marketplace.