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Farming For Tomorrow

Farm for Tomorrow - WooCommerce Showcase

Farming For Tomorrow was built based on a theme customized by Clowns & Calliope Media. The objective of building this site was to create a simple-to-use platform for the store’s employees to easily manage by themselves.

What makes this one different is its shipping configuration – a great example of the flexibility of WooCommerce because:

  1. Employees are currently managing 100% of the site, and everything still looks good and functional.
  2. It uses an Asian payment getaway, showing the flexibility of WooCommerce when it comes to integrating different preferred gateways from around the world.
  3. The shipping method is custom-coded to define products based on “temperature” of shipping, which is uncommon. For example, fresh produce will automatically be assigned a low-temperature shipping cost, while dried goods will be a regular-temperature shipping cost.
  4. Farming For Tomorrow currently features a Chinese language backend, which makes it easy for non-english speaker to manage. This is a huge benefit of WooCommerce.

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