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FixjeiPhone is the largest iPhone repair site in the Benelux.

They aim to deliver the best quality parts, tools, and accessories at the right price.

Their specialists in Almelo, Netherlands assist tens of thousands of customers per month with repairs to their iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or Samsung phone. Refurbished Apple products are also available for purchase online.

Quality is the top priority at FixjeiPhone – each repair is backed by a six month warranty and carried out using the highest quality components.

“There are many repairers who use cheap parts to lower the quality of the iPhone. Apple is known for quality and we would like to keep it that way.”
– FixjeiPhone

In business since 2013, the company’s online store has been powered by WooCommerce from the beginning. They currently boast over 200,000 website visits per month – no mean feat.

FixjeiPhone’s custom-made, free repair manuals allow you to fix your broken device yourself. Customers are guided through a step-by-step process – with video – when replacing a defective part themselves.