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Little Giants | Giant Shorties

Little Giants | Giant Shorties combines the unapologetic, in-your-face, DIY ethos of streetwear lifestyle with the rambunctious and energetic, rebellious yet playful nature of kids.

Founder Ivan Rivera is doing what he loves: creating quality, modern day goods for children inspired by youth cultures past and present, and he doesn’t care what other people have to say about it.

“We make clothing and accessories for the extraordinary kids of unordinary parents. Soccer moms won’t like us and that’s peace!” – Ivan Rivera, founder From onesies to sippy cups, hoodies to books, Little Giants will appeal to parents who grew up listening to hip hop.

By staying true to the spirit and “f*ck you” attitude of the brands and lifestyle that he enjoys, Rivera is now expressing that attitude and tailoring in products for little ones whose parents who do not subscribe to the status quo. He began designing onesies and shirts that he thought would look “dope” on his son, and soon it seemed like everyone was asking him to make similar clothes for their kids too.

Since the early days of the company, Ivan’s goal had been to open small brick-and-mortar locations to accompany their eCommerce store. This past June, they finally launched their first retail store in Brooklyn, New York. With the launch of this physical space, Ivan wanted to continue using WooCommerce as a selling platform in-store, since they have already had success with it for their online store.

The answer? Square for WooCommerce to process payments, since it connects seamlessly with the Little Giants online store. Problem solved! Their WooCommerce store is connected to their MailChimp list which helps them tie their e-commerce data to back their marketing activities.

Email is integral to how Little Giants communicate with their customers as their business grows; they’ve begun experimenting with different types of email automations that can help them generate revenue they’d otherwise be missing out on.

Ivan also continues to grow his list offline by using MailChimp Subscribe in the store. This enables people to sign up for marketing emails at the cash register and receive the same 15%-off promo code that can be used online or in-store as part of a welcome automation that e-commerce customers receive. “I’d say 9 out of 10 people jump at the chance to be added to the list to get the discount,” he says. “But I’m hoping that our online-only products will make them want to stay subscribed.”

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