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Mike’s Organic Delivery

Mike’s Organic Delivery brings sustainable, healthy, delicious food to your door each week.

By choosing to only partner with small farmers, fishermen, and producers, Mike’s Organic are able to bring you the highest quality produce you won’t find anywhere else. Think of it as an online farmer’s market!

There isn’t a single product in the warehouse that hasn’t been vetted, tried, and approved by Mike and his team. When you order from Mike’s you are choosing to support small businesses, a healthier planet, your local economy, and everything missing from our industrial agriculture model.

Founder, Mike Geller, drew from his experiences of living and working in the Kalahari Desert for three months – as well as a lifetime of cooking, gardening, fine dining, hunting, and fishing – as inspiration to kickstart his clean food business.

When he approached New Hampshire’s FirstTracksMarketing to revamp his online store, the primary goal was two-fold: make the mobile user experience clean and simple, and make the new site load fast. The previous version of Mike’s website was loading at an average of roughly seven seconds per page – unacceptably slow for an eCommerce site.

In the first 30 days since relaunch, early data returns show that average load times are reduced by about 70%. The new site now loads in an average of 1.7 seconds – now that’s fast!

“One of the coolest features [of the site} is the brand new product grids – these grids now allow users to add multiple items to their shopping cart right from the grid overview screens.
This makes it fast and easy for users to add many items to their order as they browse the site, without having to actually view the product details screen. Just like shopping in a real store with a basket.”
– Matthew Nelson, FirstTracks Marketing

Another useful feature of the new are the customized shipping options. Depending on which time of day you are checking out – plus the ZIP code you’d like your delivery sent to – the site presents you with different options for same-day or next-day delivery. This is accomplished by checking the time stamp on the server when you make your request, and then cross-referencing it with the available shipping zones in WooCommerce. Neat!

Take the guess-work, leg work, and mystery out of eating clean, wholesome, good-for-you food with Mike’s Organic Delivery.

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