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Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers


NEWTWIST offer one of the finest collections of unique, hand-crafted designer jewelry and artisan gifts available in the Northwest.

An online extension of their brick and mortar store in Eugene, Oregon, NEWTWIST has been devoted to beautiful, interesting, and unique products blending art and function, as well as outstanding customer service for over a decade.

We built a custom extension to handle gift-card purchases that piggybacks on the WooCommerce shopping cart and also integrates with the client’s point-of-sale system, Lightspeed. WooCommerce hooks and classes (not to mention a good Lightspeed API) made this a fairly painless process.
– Bob Passaro, Figoli Quinn & Associates

All jewelry is hand-made by more than 40 talented designers and artisans such as Jamie Joseph, Melissa Joy Manning, and Polly Wales, making each piece unique – pieces dedicated to beauty and function, holding memories, milestones, encouragement, strength, and love.

There is something for everyone, every budget, and every occasion; from leather to diamonds, sterling silver to platinum, river rocks to pearls.

We work closely with artists from around the world that produce one of a kind unique pieces that you can not find elsewhere.
– Colleen Stangeland

With a clear enthusiasm for beautiful things made with love, the NEWTWIST team’s mission is to help you find exactly what you’re looking for: that perfect gift or special treat as individual as you are to add to your wish list.