Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers


RestoreZ is a line of supplements for deeper, more restful sleep.

Each product is made with natural ingredients. It’s not a sleeping pill that knocks you out when you want to go to bed – RestoreZ provides circadian rhythm support to resync sleep patterns with the biological cycles our bodies are meant to follow. Restoring circadian balance allows you to get the fully restful and regenerative sleep your body needs.

“Your body needs to start preparing to retire about 60 minutes before sleep and then preparing to rise about 90 minutes before waking.”

RestoreZ turned to WooExperts Bright Vessel to resolve issues resulting from a far from optimal original build. They were desperately searching for “a better development partner to team up with for ongoing management” says Judd Dunagan, Bright Vessel founder. Mobile speed, UNIF fulfillment feed, and a straightforward solution allowing their marketing team to update the site quickly were top of the list of requirements.

Bright Vessel began by evaluating and fixing existing issues while in Parallel, before building a new enterprise site that could scale. An advanced server infrastructure setup on Amazon AWS and Lightsail helped to lay the foundation.

A focus on mobile-first SEO improved RestoreZ’s Google PageSpeed score from 5 to 55, with desktop speed jumping from 45 to 95. API issues with UNIF were identified and remedied, while Dunagan and the team joined forces with RestoreZ’s advertising firm to incorporate advance funnel reporting and improve their CPA.

“We are so happy we found [Bright Vessel]” says Mary Marbach, one of RestoresZ’s founders. “The communication and organization of your company is night and day compared to what we were going through when trying to get our website in the right place to advertise effectively.”

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