Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers

Shop Catalog

The Shop Catalog boutique is the star-gazing sister site to the Thought Catalog blog.

Thought Catalog’s digital magazine hosts a writers’ circle of over 20,000 young columnists who trade stories on self-improvement, books, astrology, love, movies, beauty, and friendship.

Founded in 2013 by Chris Lavergne, Shop Catalog came along to inspire creativity off of the digital page – in the form of books, apparel, wall art, and homeware. The boutique is a treasure chest of unique finds crafted to “inspire, comfort, amuse, and encourage community.”

From candy-hued photography books to quotable totes, Shop Catalog offers delightful, arty finds for online shoppers.

Delightful, arty finds for online shoppers.

A digital boutique first, shipping from their headquarters in New York, the Shop Catalog team plan to open their first retail store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Their creative comforts also find their way into the hands of shoppers at Urban Outfitters, home-goods stores, and independent bookstores across the U.S.

Shop Catalog powers its digital storefront with WooCommerce for a sleek, intuitive design and seamless user experience. They also use Woo to integrate their poetic scribbles with their digital shop floor – the site features an SEO-optimized blog that’s filled with gift guides, apparel recommendations, and reading lists.

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