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Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers

The Biltong Factory

The Biltong Factory deliver fresh, gourmet biltong throughout the United Kingdom.

Biltong is a form of dried and cured meat, similar to beef jerky. Originating from Southern Africa, it is made and stored in a strict temperature-controlled environment.

The Biltong Factory story began in 2016 when two aspiring biltong makers brought their secret recipe to the UK. Their delicious snacks are made using high quality meat products in an assortment of seasonings, cuts, moisture, and texture. Orders are dispatched every Thursday. Each bag sports a custom label with batch number, expiry date based on meat curing time, and flavour selections.

Customers can receive customizable biltong products via a weekly Biltong Club Subscription. Perks include free shipping, discounted prices, and exclusive access to new flavor launches.

“Various types of meat can be used to produce [biltong]. However, we only use 100% premium quality beef with a special secret spicing and curing process which ensures that the meat is succulent and full of flavour.”
– The Biltong Factory

To create this impressive, smart subscription system, the team turned to Tiger Digital, a creative-led technical studio based in London.

“[They] came to us with a list of technical and experiential challenges they wanted us to resolve,” says Tiger Digital’s Saul Sampson. “One of these challenges involved automating orders, as they noticed that customers had been placing the same order every [few] weeks. They wanted an intuitive, easy-to-use way for their customers to customize their bags and subscribe.”

Selling made-to-order food products requiring upfront preparation time meant that customers needed a choice of delivery dates when checking out. It was also imperative that they be notified throughout the preparation process via beautiful, timely emails.

Not content to simply give shoppers a wide range of choices, Saul and his team prioritized customer experience throughout the entire build process.

“[We] wanted the website to interact with users and make them feel looked after, like a shop owner would if they were in a physical shop.”
– Saul Sampson

They accomplished this by creating a “journey wizard”, allowing club members to customize each bag before placing their first subscription order. Renewal reminders enable customers to pause, edit, or cancel their subscription at any time.

Tiger Digital additionally created custom back-end functionality for stock management and delivery, stock forecasting, and label printing. This allows The Biltong Factory to easily manage product and delivery date availability, allowing them to predict each week’s required ingredients based on new subscriptions and upcoming renewals.