WooCommerce Payments (WooPayments) Promotional Offer for New Users Terms and Conditions

Get access to customer-only benefits

To be eligible for this promotional offer (“Offer”), your store must: (1) meet the WooCommerce Payments (WooPayments) usage requirements; (2) be based in a location where the offer is available; (3) not have processed payments through WooCommerce Payments before; and (4) be accepted into the WooCommerce Payments program.

Stores accepted into the promotional program will receive a 15% or 20% discount on Payment Processing Fees* from the date the store has completed Onboarding (“Promotional Start Date”) until the date one hundred eighty-one (181) days from the Promotional Start Date (“Promotional Term”). 

Onboarding” means WooCommerce Payments (WooPayments) installation, account registration, account setup, account verification, and receipt of a WooCommerce inbox notification that you will receive discounted WooCommerce Payments fees. After the Promotional Term, standard WooCommerce Payments (WooPayments) fees will apply.

CountryDiscount rate on Payment Processing Fees* for Promotional Period
  • United States
  • EU member states: Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, Finland, Greece, Lithuania, Slovakia, Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales)
  • Australia

Offer may not be combined with any other promotions or offers, and we reserve the right to cancel Offer(s) presented to stores that have received another promotion, discount, or special offering.

Limit one Offer per store owner. At our sole discretion, however, we may accept multiple stores from the same user into the promotional program if each store has a unique site URL, product catalog, and customer base.   

We reserve the right to modify, extend, or cancel the Offer at any time.

Participants are subject to the WooCommerce Use Terms and our general Terms of Service.

* Payment Processing Fees include payment transaction fees, card transaction fees (for example, 2.9% plus $0.30 for debit or credit card transactions in the United States), subscription-based fees (for example, the 1% additional fee for a renewal payment processed by WooCommerce Payments’ built-in subscription functionality), and fixed per transaction fees (including international processing charges). Payment Processing Fees do not include fees charged for currency conversion fees, dispute or chargebacks, or instant deposit fees.