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Send SMS notification for WooCommerce Bookings

This guide explains how you can send SMS notifications for bookings to administrators and customers via Twilio using the WooCommerce Twilio extension.


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When both the WooCommerce Bookings and WooCommerce Twilio plugins are active, you’ll find additional options in Twilio for booking notifications under WooCommerce > Settings > SMS.

Types of Notifications

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Within WooCommerce > Settings > SMS > Bookings (tab), you can enable the following text message notifications for booking reminders, cancellations, and follow ups.

Admin Notifications

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  • Admin reminder: This notification is used to send reminders to administrators before a booking starts. When this notification is enabled, you’ll be able to designate recipients by adding their phone numbers. Multiple recipients can be added by separating phone numbers with a comma.

    The admin reminder notification also allows you to specify when you want reminders to be sent, for example, 15 minutes before they begin.

  • Admin cancellation: This notifies administrators via text message that a booking has been cancelled. The notification is sent immediately to the phone number(s) specified.

Customer Notifications

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  • Customer reminder: This notification reminds customers about an upcoming booking before it starts. When this notification is enabled, you’ll be able to dictate how soon before a booking a customer should be notified.
  • Customer follow up: Sent to a customer after a booking is completed. This notification also allows you to specify when the follow up should be sent.
  • Customer cancellation – This text message is sent to a customer immediately when a booking is cancelled.
  • Customer confirmation – Automatically sent to a customer when their booking has been moved to “Confirmed” status.

Learn more about using this integration in the WooCommerce Twilio documentation.

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