Sensei Plugin and Theme Conflicts

Sensei is built to be compatible with every WordPress theme, though there are some plugins and themes that it may conflict with it. Having these themes/plugins active at the same time as Sensei will result in 404 errors or other unexpected behavior on your website. Note: This list is updated to the best of our knowledge, but products evolve over time and may change.


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  • Yoast SEO – Hiding the Yoast metabox for modules prevents the course selection box from being displayed.
  • Redirection – Causes lesson pages to automatically redirect to quiz pages. Fix: Go to Tools > Redirection > Options, and set Monitor Changes to Posts to Don’t Monitor. You also need to remove any existing lesson redirects from the ‘Modified Posts’ redirect Group.
  • LoopBuddy – Causes all pages and posts to be displayed on My Courses page
  • Post Type Switcher – Sometimes causes quizzes to disappear, and can cause lessons to be duplicated when editing.