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Payfast Payment Gateway

by  Woo
Take payments on your WooCommerce store via Payfast (redirect method).

Add split payments for multivendor marketplaces

PayFast recently released a new functionality: split payments. This will enable us to link vendor’s accounts to their profiles and automate a lot of the payments to vendors. I see other plugins such as Pretashop are already including this. I opened a ticket with the PayFast team, but they told me to get in touch with WooCommerce team about if/when they will be including split payments in the WC PayFast plugin.


Current Status


Last updated: December 9, 2019


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  1. Jana Pilkington-Williams says:

    Any feedback on the status of this feature request to include split payment option?

  2. CJ says:

    Also need this functionality – any info on this would be great ? Also willing to put development time in to get done

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I need the exact same solution, PayFast split payment plugin, have you had any response as yet?