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Add rule – Customer Total Spent This Year/ Within Date range


Current Status


Last updated: July 3, 2018


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  1. King Ho Fan says:

    any plans for finishing this rule?

  2. Georges Tawk says:

    Hello Everyone, any updates on this functionality? It would be a great fit for my woocommerce shop!

  3. Michael Hobeika says:

    I was wondering if this feature could also be done with points spent instead of amount spent?

  4. Michael Hobeika says:

    StudioVaud: Hello, I am also searching for the same feature. Did you find any solution yet?
    Dan Bitzer is this feature planned? Thank you!

  5. 翁啟豪 says:

    Is this function already release ?

  6. Matthias Kampitsch says:

    When will this be a reality?

  7. Dave Mumford says:

    Yes please, this feature would be great please implement!

  8. StudioVaud says:

    It’s an old request and I still have not found the solution.

    The customer changes his role when $ 500 has been spent, he becomes VIP. If he continues to use $ 500 a year, he remains VIP…

    After 6 months of use, he receives a reminder e-mail if he has not reached $ 100, he changes role: "VIP relaunch". If after 12 months he has not reached $ 500, he changes role: "CUSTOMER relaunch".

    Can you combine these two things : Time and Money spent?

    So, no need to use a Membership plugin!!!!

  9. StudioVaud says:

    An automatic role assignment according the amount spent during the configured time period would be perfect for a marketing scenario that leads to the VIP role.

  10. JT says:

    If you could match this trigger to membership or subscription actions, that would be great.

  11. Dan Bitzer says:

    My suggestions for this feature:

    Calendar date ranges:

    This date range would be from the start of the current year/month to now. E.g. 01-01-2019 to now.

    • Customer – Total Spent This Calendar Year
    • Customer – Total Spent This Calendar Month

    Rolling date ranges:

    E.g. between now and 12 months ago. Ideally the time frame would be variable but this would require additional rule fields that would complicate the UI.

    • Customer – Total Spent In Last 12 Months
    • Customer – Total Spent In Last 6 Months
    • Customer – Total Spent In Last 30 days
    • Customer Total Spent In Last X Months/days

    Other useful rules:

    • Customer- Total Spent Last Calendar Year
    • Customer- Total Spent Last Calendar Month
  12. Dan Bitzer says:

    Marked this feature request as Planned

  13. Chris Mulhallen says:

    Hoping to see this as a feature soon. I have over 30 sites that would use this immediately