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New Trigger – Customer Role Changed


Current Status


Last updated: August 10, 2018


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  1. Let Me Work says:

    This is a request since 2018, come on guys, this is a must have.
    I have many user roles and this would help me a LOT.

  2. Sina Arzany says:

    any update? or somebody managed to do the custom trigger?

  3. Matthias Kampitsch says:

    When will this be implemented?

  4. Cherie Irwin says:

    Another Vote for User Role Changed. I’m looking into Finding a developer that can create a custom trigger, but having it as a native feature would save so much money and make the extension useful to people like me who use custom membership software.

  5. Antonio Lombrano says:

    Please consider also adding the equivalent action (there is a separate ticket for that). This way we can deal with roles in both ways.

  6. Antonio Lombrano says:

    The same would be useful for capabilities, not only roles.

  7. Antonio Lombrano says:

    Customers can have multiple roles and subscription-based sites like mine tie memberships levels to roles, so I suggest the trigger will manage all these situations: role added, role deleted, role changed

  8. Tommy Tompkins says:

    This would be a great add guys. What would even make it more powerful is if you could also capture the previous role and the new role so that you could base logic off that.

  9. Dan Bitzer says:

    Marked this feature request as Planned