Composite Product Options Differential Pricing

If a Composite Group has a Default Product set, then Product price becomes part of the Parent Products’s base price (add to). Other Composite Group products are then a calculated +/- price from the default.
Product A1, Price $1000
Composite Group ‘Option A’
(Selected thru Product or Category);
Product XXX @ $100
Product YYY @ $200
Product ZZZ @ $50

Default Set to Product XXX, so Product A1 is ‘Starting at $1,100’

User Options are for Option A;
Product XXX — $0 (or Free, Included or Default or some custom Text)
Product YYY — Add $100
Product ZZZ — Less $50

Component is Marked as Optional, differential pricing would not be used.

Bonus Points, if Differential Pricing is calculated based on currently selected item, so in above example if user selected Product YYY, Product XXX would subsequently show as Less $100, and Product YYY as a price of ‘Selected’


Current Status


Last updated: August 15, 2022


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  1. Teris Keis

    Perhaps the satisfactory one, even though it has a malicious program: Select Option button is still there for variable merchandise. Pressing it does nothing. It should now not be there in any respect I bet? I tried with the code but I am no php expert, you can see my blog detail here

  2. Jakes Bikes Developer

    We really expected this to be included as standard, it seemed like a common feature for an ecommerce store

  3. Han Heijboer

    We’re really looking forward for this function!

  4. Jan Mark

    Would really appreciate this function!

  5. SomewhereWarm

    Implemented in v3.12. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!