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Smart Coupons

All-in-one plugin for gift cards, discounts, BOGO deals and promotions. Smart Coupons is the original, best-selling, most complete and most advanced WooCommerce coupons plugin.

Coupon Reminder

I think a Coupon Reminder should be added, Customers buy smart coupons with expiration time. I want them to send them a reminder a month ago / a week ago / two days before the expiration date. Remind them to end their subscription. Thanks!


Current Status


Last updated: August 26, 2021


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  1. developsuperpowers says:

    My client just asked me for this, it would be a great addition!

  2. leyako says:

    also want to see this feature

  3. LibrariansTeach says:

    Yes, this is a fantastic idea! Our store uses Smart Coupons to issue store credit with a subscription, and so much of it goes unused.

  4. esti cohen says:

    I really need it! Thanks!