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Hi there,

I’m considering a membership model in which members pay one up-front fee for lifetime access. This is easy with the existing plugin.

What’s not easy is offering that membership in installments. Let’s say, the up-front fee is $500, but I want to offer an option to pay $150 for 4 months.

I could use WC Subscriptions to set a $150/month subscription for 4 months, but at the end of that term, I’d want the member to remain in that plan – lifetime access.

If I understand WC Memberships correctly, however, once that subscription has ended, the plugin will automatically remove the member from the plan – something I would want to disable in this use case.

I’m having a devil of a time finding an easy way to do this. I’m surprised to find that Woocommerce seems to have no method for charging customers in installments, so this isn’t necessarily a WC Memberships issue.

If there was a way, however, to prevent a member from being removed from a plan when a subscription term is completed, that might provide a work around. Of course, I’d still want the member removed in the event of non-payment, or if they manually cancel or pause their subscription before completion.

Any thoughts?

Current Status


Last updated: May 8, 2016


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  1. SkyVerge says:

    This is on our radar David 🙂 we’ve laid the groundwork for this with our upcoming v1.6 release to clean up / improve our Subscriptions compatibility code, and our current plan is to add the ability to choose whether to use the subscription status or a custom length for a membership in v1.7 or 1.8. Keep an eye on this idea for updates!

  2. SkyVerge says:

    Version 1.7 is available now with this feature! You can read more here:


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