2022 October preBFCM Marketplace Sale

Frontend Submissions product woocommerce

allows a vendor to sell its products through the site on frontedn as evanto marketplace or as this extension https://easydigitaldownloads.com/extension/frontend-submissions/

Current Status


Last updated: August 15, 2022


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  1. Carol says:

    When are you guys going to make a frontend product submission form for vendors?? That WordPress backend form looks really really ugly!

  2. Dylan says:

    ‘Product Vendors user registration

    It would be ideal if visitors had the ability to register as vendors without the need for a site admin to manually create the vendor profile. Offering this functionality would make it easier to scale a marketplace over time. Additionally, it would make the process much more fluid for a visitor who is interested in signing up to sell. Having to manually create vendors can be inconvenient and time consuming for both the site admin and the new users who are anxious to get started.

    – Vendors being able to manage their orders
    – Front end product submission
    – Automatic payments

    What do you think?

  3. Curtis Everett Townsend says:


  4. Edward Hall says:

    Please, please please add this 🙂

  5. dbshopper says:

    I see this was created in 2013 any news on this or any progress at all here?

  6. Mart says:

    When using product vendors for a marketplace with some of the following plugins, (Woocommerce, Woo Bookings, WP Job Manager etc) some of the product options may not be required.

    I.e Shipping, Advanced etc

    It would be great if there were options where it was possible to enable or disable functions so that the back end interface was much cleaner.

    Generally the bookable product options are confusing for a first time user / vendor, and it would be great if this was reviewed.

    OR even better it would be great to have a front end interface which worked like job manager to add products which was more user friendly and intuitive that the currently set up.

    Generally this would help promote the plugin to be used as a real marketplace.

  7. David says:

    Would be great indeed !
    I thought it would work like that when purchasing it..

  8. Cam says:

    We really need this! Has anyone hired a developer to do this for them?

  9. Joe Sedgwick says:

    This is essential. Without this, vendors feel the site looks and feels unprofessional!

  10. david buckley says:

    Has anything changed about this i need to post a vendor from the front end or can anyone give me any suggesitons

  11. Hussein Yahfoufi says:

    Is this site still alive and used with the Woo team?

  12. Ozy says:

    Create a Frontend Submission Design for the “Product Vendors” plugin. I won’t buy it until you do that. Make it Professional and Better!!! The way it’s now is almost useless to create a nice looking and functional multi-vendor marketplace. You have done the heavy lifting and why not finish it. Make it better than wc-vendor and dokan plugins. I will buy two as soon as you add frontend submission feature. As long as you keep this plugin without a frontend submission you won’t be able to see it. In fact your own staff could not find a single store that even using it. But a site that barely has it without knowing why he even has it. 99% of the wp theme makers use wc-vendor and dokan plugin because of their frontend submission features. This is shame and waste of a skillset and for such plugin that left all alone without the most important implementation that every site owner and business would need to create a multi-vendor marketplace website. It’s a common sense not a rocket science to have such plugin with front end submission feature for its only purpose which is multi-vendor nature!!! Get that “multi-vendor”.

  13. Will says:

    It’s not for security through obfuscation, it’s for branding reasons that you don’t want every Vendor know you’re running a WP stack

  14. ET says:

    This is clearly essential and should top this list.

  15. Ozy says:

    Product Vendors fronted submission needed by woo commerce team.

  16. Test says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    Top concern for your customers. If you don’t act you may lose them to another upcoming providers.

    This was posted almost 3 years ago you still have no made any care to support you platform/customers top demand.

    This would have helped a lot for small businesses.

  18. Ozy says:

    Without a frontend submission with full autonomy to each vendor to their account this plugin is 90% useless. I bought it use and returned it. the great thing about this plugin is that made by the same owners for WooCommerce which makes it 100% compatible with all other woo plugins etc. if they improve it as a fully functional multi-vendor system with front end submission etc. i wish woo did improve this plugin i would buy it overnight!!! Not only that i would buy another 9 plugins from woo because all of their plugins etc. would be in sync and compatible with one another vs. using third party storefront submission themes and plugins which are nothing but AWFUL NIGHTMARE!!! I been there.

  19. anonymous says:

    I really desire this and I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be a logical step in the progression of this extension. You have competitors who are doing this already.

  20. anonymous says:

    Could you let us know if this is even being considered? As others have suggested, I feel it’s a widely desired feature and may even work as a separate extension.

  21. WooCommerce says:

    Hi Chris, hi all,

    I’ve marked this as “under review” for the team to look into in a future release. We’d like to consider all possible angles and variables here, to ensure we get a feature like this as correct as possible from the get go.

    Thanks and regards,
    Matty Cohen.

  22. anonymous says:

    Thank you Matt! I really hope that if you develop this that it be compatible with Bookings

  23. Shrikant Sikdar says:

    Hi everybody,

    I have just got a pretty new plugin in wordpress.org, WooCommerce Frontend Manager (https://wordpress.org/plugins/wc-frontend-manager/) , quite impressive one.

    Fully compatible with all vendor plugins including WC Product Vendors. Vendors can manage their whole store from frontend, just no-where wp-admin panel.

    I am even more surprised when I found that is integrated with WooCommerce Bookings also. Create and manage bookings from frontend – I think it never happen before.

    I think all wp marketplace addons and WooCommerce also should recomend such plugin with their multivendor addons, will really helpful to users.

  24. Jonathan Kim says:

    I need this. I am on the generously spending side, but I would pay $200 for an extension that allowed front end management of bookings for vendors.

  25. Mohammed Saleh says:

    Any new update on this?

  26. Collin Thompson says:

    This is a must Woocommerce. It’s like you’ve built a lovely house, asking everyone to come over, but you make them come in through the back door to the basement. All jokes aside. Like Etsy, Amazon, alibaba, and many other marketplaces, the vendor on-boarding is the most crucial part of building a valuable platform. I would happily spend $200 usd just for decent onboarding, and 100 for extensions just for this part. Eg welcome screens, profile/storefront completion meters, analytic dashboards. This one aspect would probably ad 2-3% to the top line of this extension category

  27. Adam says:

    There’s plenty of options that add a frontend to WooCommerce Vendors such as Vendify theme and plugins, theres a few other options out there sold via Envato.

    Here’s the link to see what the frontend product editor looks like > https://astoundify.com/marketing/vendify/video/33-second-editor.mp4

  28. nciek says:

    I really desire this and I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be a logical step in the progression of this extension. You have competitors who are doing this already. https://www.moisturecontrol.com.au/

  29. Vasil says:

    Please build it guys! Very needed and necessary feature. An easy to use and intuitive UI for vendors is a must.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Stil desperately needed after years of begging. The developers don’t seem to understand that a clean, clear front end for Vendors to add and manage products can be make or break for a marketplace – shunting non technical users to an overcomplex, confusing and technical backend for product management just because it’s there is the achilles heel of this solution.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Also definitely love to see this happen soon. All your extension competitors have this option available. Please look into this soon. Also please add the integration to link vendor whatsapp numbers to your other extension: https://woocommerce.com/products/order-on-whatsapp-for-woocommerce/

  32. mjingo says:

    I am going to add one final submission on this topic in the hope it gets picked up.

    I note you have updated your Docs on this – suggesting you might finally tackle the elephant in the room:

    “However with things ever so changing, we are thinking of re-designing how a product is added. We realize it is quite difficult for a vendor to understand how everything works when presented with so many settings/options when adding a product.”

    Then you go and spoil it with “With this said, we may add an on-boarding type interface where it will have step by step guide on adding a product for ease of use.”

    I am here to let you know that a wizard over the bloated, complex and 90% irrelevant WP product admin UI isn’t going to cut it. Sorry but it isn’t.

    I speak from experience having lost many vendors as a result no clean / clear front end for managing their products. They leave praising our support, our service and our site – the only reason for their departure being complex and confusing product management. We even took it off their hands and heavily customised the vendor dashboard providing forms for them to add / remove products which we then entered / managed through the WP backend manually.

    But they wanted to be able to do it themselves as they do on other platforms that they sell through, so we then took it a step further and tried to simplify the WP product admin page using CSS overrides to hide irrelevant and confusing options (such as variations / product data / virtual / downloadable / tax handling etc).

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to do this through css alone as required identifiers are not available in many cases so we have had to revert to doing it for them manually again.

    The long and the short of it is, there is no short cut here. WC Product Vendors needs a product management front end, with simple add / list / edit / remove functionality and options relevant to the store (in our case a photography gallery) that can be configured by the Administrator, if it is to compete with the alternatives now available to vendors that provide just this.

    Please do not take this as overly critical of a solution that I think is otherwise great, I have taken the time to share this view from the coalface in the hope that you guys and gals will grasp the nettle and try to address this issue properly rather than kludging it. It’s a complex task I know but I’m afraid that, IMHO, without it you are unlikely to be able to compete for long.

  33. Bob says:

    That would be a very nice feature. Is it currently under development?

  34. Mohamed Tarek says:

    I support the idea, besides allowing Stripe payment way pleaaaaaaase.

  35. Anonymous says:

    This is so essential. Ive lost vendors because they find the ui to be to confusing. There spent days customising the experience but looking to move to another product since it seems this and other issues are just ignored.

  36. Mcark thony says:
  37. Dani Jakabed says:

    I am even more amazed when I determined this is integrated with WooCommerce Bookings also. Create and control bookings from frontend – See the demo here https://bright-star.com.au/product-category/rockets/

  38. Ted Sieving says:

    It is mind blowing that this is not resolved. Considering abandoning woocommerce entirely. SMH

  39. Gary George says:

    I would like for this to be implemented as soon as possible as well. Much needed for what we’re doing.

    Gary, https://www.harmonysaltcavespa.com/

  40. Anthony Reyes says:

    Small businesses will benefit from this.

  41. Oscar Del Rio says:

    This would be a great addition and would help my business out a ton! Let me know when there’s an update on this.

  42. Jenny Cruz says:

    learned some more because of your website. many thanks!

  43. Edz Seo says:

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