I’d like to see Parent/Child Membership Functionality in WooCommerce Memberships

I have an online service where children are the users and parents are the “customer”. I’d like parents to create one family account and have the ability to add family members to their account. I’d like them to be able to login and view each child’s activity, manage payment details, etc.

Current Status


Last updated: April 26, 2016


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  1. Stéphane Bergeron says:

    I would really need the same thing but in a corporate context. One buyrer/purchaser would manage sub accounts for company employees. The master plan would be one price and the sub accounts would have another. All would have access to the same content. If master account is terminated in some way, sub accounts follow. Master account owner would be able to manage the sub accounts, add and remove people, etc.

    Some memberships solutions do it in a hackish way (PMP with sponsored members that require a code, Prospress with Gifting which is even less approprita efor this and iThemes Exchange’s membership solution but Exchange has always been very buggy for us and I much prefer WooCOmmerc and your Membership solution).

    So there’s potential to distance yourself further from the competition by implementing something that is key to both coprorate Memberships management as well as the family use case the OP describes here.


  2. Stéphane Bergeron says:

    FWIW, MemberPress are working on their own solution for this to be released maybe around the fall. I really would prefer not to have to go with MemberPress for a new client site I’m preparing a proposal for.

  3. Jana Ray says:

    I too see this is a huge advantage. Not only for family memberships where actual parents confer memberships to children – but “parent” accounts to “child” accounts in general. This is the only item holding me back from using WooCommerce Memberships at this time.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We have two client sites, both are using subscriptions, one w/ groups and the newer one w/ membership. Both are instructional video library systems and both are asking for parent/child type of functions. Where a subscribing business can offer individual ‘seats’ to employees and/or subscribing educators can offer ‘seats’ to their students.

  5. Ben Knowles says:

    I’d really like to see this feature – it’s like when you sign up for an organisation account on Github.

    In the UK a lot of membership bodies call this ‘Organisational Membership’ where an organisation pays for an account and then can assign its employees as members.

    MemberPress have indeed released its Corporate Accounts feature that Stéphane mentioned. I’d really like to see something equivalent in WooCommerce Memberships. https://www.memberpress.com/user-manual/memberpress-corporate-accounts/

  6. Matt Eden says:

    We sell mainly to resellers and retailers who often have multiple buyers so this is an essential feature for us.

  7. anonymous says:

    Hopefully this Feature will Come soon like in rcp!!!

  8. David says:

    Super killer need. For non-tangible membership businesses like, say, an athletic club, having this would be Super good because parents always pay for their children’s iron pumping. Same for an athletic team that uses a facility. The admin of the team takes care of the tab while the athlete’s themselves can access the services and have that access logged in the account to be paid later by the admin guy, ok? Super. Total super. Please do this, okay?

  9. Anna says:

    Yes, very crucial and an argument not to go with a full LMS solution.

  10. Edward Kay says:

    This is a common requirement – especially in UK membership orgs. I’d caution about it becoming integrated in the to core of Woo memberships though; it soon gets very complex and there are many possible permutations.

    I build sites using Woo memberships that includes provides this. The owner of a membership can add a predefined number of linked members to their membership. These linked members can log in and access the same member benefits, but can’t manage the membership plan / subscription – only the owner can do that.

    This is not all done in Woo memberships though. It’s via an integration with Sheep (http://getsheep.co.uk) which does the heavy lifting.

  11. Thomas Troxler says:

    Hello – has anyone ever received an indication on whether or not such functionality will be added, and if so when this may occur?

  12. anonymous says:

    I’d really like to see this too. Where the parent can login and purchase subscriptions for each child. The parent can basically manage the records of their child including updating information/data/profile of the children

  13. Sandra Bornn says:

    This is a must for my project as well and a big reason I’m holding off on implementing this solution.

  14. Tim Johnson says:

    Agreed, this is the most needed feature for us, to allow when a parent purchases multiple, to upload a csv list to create child members. If they remove a child member from the account, a SEAT is freed up and they can add another person to that seat.

  15. Jessica Dalen says:

    We desperately need a way for admins to be able to process orders over the phone. We recently upgraded and now they get an error when they try to access a customer’s payment page to help them process the payment.

    Also would be helpful if people didn;t have to login at all to pay their invoices or memberships. They just get a secure encryped link to the payment page and pay.

    We have instances where an admin staff or secretary will be paying the invoice for the doctor and now they are forced to log into that person’s account.

    Also instances where hospitals or schools are paying for the resident’s membership dues, so if they could also somehow be a temporary parent to the members account to pay their dues that would also be ideal. but eventually be able to turn it off for when those students/resident doctors graduate and then need to pay membership themselves.

  16. Frank Sanborn says:

    Yes please! the sooner the better! I would happy be a tester for this!

  17. Rafael Rolando says:

    it would be good to have the ability to select how many “Child” users a membership can have too.

  18. Paul says:

    I’d like this functionality as would allow corporate memberships – one payment for multiple users

  19. Gary T says:

    100% require this…. and would be ideal for many other projects, so the sooner the better for us.
    More and more of our clients are asking for Parents to control / pay for child access.
    Our current project is involving schools and the teachers won’t to control what the child can see.
    I ‘ve noticed that memberpress already have this function …

  20. Erkan Isik says:

    I really need this feature. If you would add a Team & Parent/Child function, this plugin would suit my needs!

    Im still searching for a plugin capable of it.

  21. Phil Butenko says:

    I really need this functionality!!!

  22. Denise Crosbie says:

    What if each child does not have their own unique email address? It appears this plugin needs a unique email for each sub-user on the team.

  23. Sean Nelson says:

    Teams does not have this functionality. Instead it simply allows you to add users under a team account, but still requires a unique email for each account. That would require a parent with three children to have to have 4 accounts and log into each childs account separately when needed.

    We offer classes and want to be able to have a family account where a parent can purchase a class and assign to a child. That cannot be done with teams.

  24. Alex Spinu says:

    Any knows if and how this actually works in WooCommerce Memberships? I saw there is an extra plugin to cover this but $129/yr is too much.

    Some similar I found in https://ultimatemembershippro.com plugin but each user, the main one other users from the same group will have their own account with email and password.

  25. Natasha Regard says:

    Hi, any updates to this issue?

  26. bluenetbox says:

    Being an open feature that has more than 6 years, is this even being considered?

    We too see many advantages by having these parent/child access within a single account.

    Did anyone find a suitable solution using WordPress/Woocommerce?


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