Product Vendors 2.0+ – Enable more commission Calculation options

I want to be able to choose how commissions are calculated, depending on the payment options chosen.

Currently its a one size fits all,

For example – A user wants to pay a 15% deposit and 85% on delivery.

The 15% is my cut and commission on the sale, the 85% is the vendor’s, which they collect direct or on delivery etc

I want to only pay out a commission when i collect 100% of the payment.

To make this work we would need the options to turn off commissions when certain payment methods are selected at check out.


Current Status


Last updated: August 15, 2022


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  1. Anonymous

    First thing should be combined commision (fixed + relative value) like wedev’s multivendor plugin already is offering. For me the next important option would be to be able to take payment fees depending on the payment method a user took:

    [order value] – [payment fee] – [my marketplace fee] = vendor commission

    e. g. order payed with paypal
    [100 €] – [0.35 € + 2.5%] – [10%] = [87,15]

  2. Chris

    ‘YES PLEASE. wcpv commission framework sucks.

    I’d like to help improve this as its a big drawback to the product offered.
    – Provide basic action/hooks that commissions methods can be modified and sustainable.
    – Change fundamental method of commission calc is wrong (as highlighted above). Needs to be Vendor Commission = Order Total (by product) – Platform Fee (by product).
    In the current method Vendor coupons are useless because the platform splits get haircuts on fees and not all marketplaces add simple ‘payment fees’ that go to the platform provider.
    – Add support for wooSubscriptions commissions. eg Signup/Recurring commission rates.
    – The ability to recalc/edit commissions on a order from commission screen.
    – Add Platform split on commission into commission table. eg Order total | Vendor Total | Platform Total