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Products that go out of stock will continue to be shown in the Facebook feed


It is a feature in the plugin that Out of Stock products are not synced to the Facebook feed. This makes good sense.

However when you have products that go Out of Stock, because the last item is sold, then that status will not be synced to Facebook. The product will no longer be synced for Facebook and will remain listed as In Stock on Facebook side.

I suggest adding a flag on the backend for products that go Out of Stock so that status can be synced to Facebook. Then once that’s synced, then it can switch to No longer sync.

Without this we need to reset the catalogue every week or so to make sure we are not advertising products that are now sold out.

Thanks for considering it!

Current Status


Last updated: March 23, 2021


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  1. Luan Luta says:

    Hello there.

    We had a report about this in our forums over at This happens because the store is set to hide out-of-stock products. When that’s the case, those products will no longer sync to Facebook. The solution is to uncheck the option to hide out-of-stock products in the store, and this will continue to sync the products to Facebook.

    You can find a more detailed guide of this here:

    I’ve asked the user that was facing this issue to post their suggestion here so that it’s more visible.

  2. Daniel Garcia says:

    Hello Luan Luta, Thank you for helping me.

    I believe that the best solution would be to add a checkbox in the screen “Marketing > Facebook > Product” that “includes the products with stock in 0″, and that works both when it is clicked ( SYNC PRODUCTS” or when a product is automatically updated.

    In this way, those of us who have this inconvenience do not worry about having products in stores without physical stock.


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