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BeProfit: Profit Calculator & Business Reports for WooCommerce

Optimize your advertising budget with accurate profit calculations and marketing insights for your WooCommerce store.

Keep Control of Your Bottom Line with a Precise Profit Analysis

BeProfit’s profit calculator organizes all your store’s financial data in one intuitive dashboard to give you a clear picture of your business performance in real time.

This extreme accurate profit tracker simplifies and translates mountains of data into a visual format that makes profit tracking easier than ever before.

When you connect your WooCommerce store with BeProfit you will get access to powerful features to help you understand your store’s finances and optimize your bottom line at a glance.

Get an accurate overview of your profits

Stay on top of your profits with a daily snapshot of profit, sales, and orders.

Leverage intuitive charts and graphs to understand your numbers and spot trends in a flash.

Discover your net profit and gross profit, and use BeProfit’s customization features as well as advanced filters to dive deeper into your store’s financial performance.

Track your profit with a precise profit analysis

Track ALL your eCommerce expenses in one profit dashboard

With the BeProfit profit app you can easily keep track of ALL your business costs in real time, including one-time and recurring costs.

Add fixed, variable, and specialized costs, and automatically pull your costs of goods sold (COGS) to calculate profit with extreme accuracy.

Sync expenses with Google sheets, CSV files or using API. Stay on top of your numbers as your data refreshes daily.

Calculate expenses with an accurate profit calculator

Create, schedule and export custom reports with BeProfit

Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets when it comes to keeping track of your numbers. BeProfit lets you create daily/weekly/monthly reports or use predefined report templates to save time and effort.

Export different types of reports as CSV files or schedule report deliveries from your BeProfit dashboard directly to your inbox.

  • Product Reports: track and analyze metrics for all products per vendor, type, inventory, status, price, sale, COGS, revenue and profit.
  • Product Insights: discover your best sellers, your most profitable products and least profitable items.
  • Order Reports: track orders per status, customers, items ordered, prices paid by customers, shipping & handling, taxes, processing fees, fulfillment costs, COGS, and profits.
  • Order Tracking: track order fulfillment and transaction statuses. Auto-sync orders with CJ Dropshipping.
  • Marketing Reports: analyze marketing costs and performance to reach your target ROAS, CPC & conversion rates.
  • LTV & Cohort Analytics: easily gain advanced insights into customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and cohort behavior for smarter strategies.

Create custome reports with the BeProfit profit app

Optimize your online ads & marketing performance

With BeProfit, you can spot your most profitable advertising platforms as well as campaigns, ad sets and individual ads. It’s a game changer!

Connect your PPC platforms to get valuable insights on your marketing performance. Calculate return on ad spend (ROAS) and customer acquisition costs (CAC) with extreme accuracy.

Leverage smart profit analysis tools & integrations

  • Sync your ad platforms to gain valuable marketing insights: Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, Pinterest ads, TikTok ads, Bing ads, Snapchat ads.
  • Connect multiple stores to view your shops’ metrics aggregated in one dashboard.
  • Connect your shipping platforms to get your data auto-pulled into your dashboard: Shippo, ShipStation, ShipHero, ShippingEasy.
  • Collaborate with teammates on your shared workspace. Provide colleagues with view-only or full admin access to keep them in the loop.

Start making sense of your data with BeProfit

BeProfit is a unique, creative, and flexible profit calculator plugin that gives you full control over your lifetime profits and expenses. It’s simple to set up, easy to use, and gives you valuable insights to help you maximize your bottom line with minimum effort.

Need help with BeProfit? Explore our technical documentation or contact us.

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