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Developed by Krokedil
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Developed by Krokedil

Information & Requirements

  • Klarna works in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, UK and United States
  • An SSL Certificate is required for UK and USA
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With Klarna you get more ways to pay – more chances to sell.

No passwords, no login, no hassle. Increase conversions in your checkout and offer every popular payment method in one integration. With Klarna for WooCommerce, you can let Klarna handle your whole checkout or you can make your existing checkout more powerful by offering the possibility to pay later and over time with invoice and part payment.

This official Klarna extension also makes it easy for you to handle orders in WooCommerce after a purchase is complete. With a single click of a button, you can activate, update, refund and cancel orders directly from WooCommerce without logging into the Klarna administration.

Klarna handle the full checkout – pay now, pay later or slice it

Available in SE, NO, FI, DE, AT, UK, NL and USA

Klarna offers 3 intuitive payment methods that are fully aligned with people’s needs when shopping. Pay now, pay later and slice it. Klarna checkout replaces the standard WooCommerce checkout. Klarna offers direct payments, pay after delivery options and installment plans in a smooth and safe purchase experience that lets consumers pay in a simple way when and how they prefer to. Klarna assumes both credit and fraud risk for merchants and consumers throughout the full customer journey. Klarna only asks for non-sensitive information that will help you increase your conversion on all devices.

*Supports recurring payments in Sweden and Norway via WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Pay later (invoice)

Available in SE, NO, FI, DK, DE, AT and NL

Try it first, pay for it later. Klarna lets consumers have 14 days or more to decide if they want to keep your goods or not. Pay later meets the need of users who first want to receive their purchase and then pay. To keep or not to keep! That’s the question. It can’t get smooother than this! This is the preferred payment method for people shopping online.

Slice it (Part payment)

Available in SE, NO, FI, DK, DE, AT and NL

Get all your payments on one invoice and choose how much to pay each month. Shoppers can follow their dreams and spread the cost of their purchase over several months. This gives the consumer flexibility and increased purchasing power which in turn can boost your sales. Klarna assumes the entire risk, so you always get paid.

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up for Klarna
  2. Install the plugin on your site
  3. Get your store approved by Klarna, and start selling

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