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Add Action to Update Price & Stock of Product Variations with Zapier

This makes it easy to have an external “source of truth”. I use Airtable. It’s much easier to manage prices and stock quantity from there then directly within WooCommerce. Adding the ability to update prices and stock quantity of product variations would be a major time saver for my workflow.


OM4 Software

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Last updated: fevereiro 8, 2023

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  1. stitchtek says:

    100% agree that only being able to manage simple products is useless. A massive part of WooCommerce core is variations. This is another example of minimum viable product in software. You also can’t even simply search for variations I’ve found.

  2. rsnitmanager says:

    Have also just discovered there is no way to update variations, after having bought this plugin. Which makes it pointless. Why have a plugin that handles only simple products when standard WooCommerce has both simple and variation products. As with other comments here, our store has a significant number of variations. Using Zapier to update simple products seems to work fine, but at the end of the day it appears I’ve been wasting my time (and money).

  3. aerelrankingmailcom says:

    Just got final confirmation from OM4 that this is not a supported feature yet as of 8/31/22. I would echo Robert and Dominique in that we also have almost 50% of our product base are variations and it’s important for us to be able to maintain product status info (pricing, stocking) from external sources for all product types.

    We were a very early adopter right after Zapier added SF Order Lines functionality, so fingers crossed they get this on the development roadmap. It seems a little odd because it seems like all the functionality is in place based on the log files and testing we did to try implement this.

  4. Dominique Sandwith says:

    Does seem kind of pointless not to be able to update variations considering this is a major feature of Woocommerce – is there no update on when this will be a possibility?

  5. Robert Howe says:

    Unfortunately I bought this just to update regular price of products from ragic. Simple products had been great, but realistically not having the ability to do variations makes it pretty useless for what I need. More than half our 1500 products are variations


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