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Certified Comic Shop

Certified Comic Shop is owned and run by Jason Stum – a mild-mannered digital marketing strategist by day and a passionate collector and “comic-preneur” in his spare time.

Back in March 2017, Jason took the plunge and decided to follow his lifelong dream of owning a comic shop. “It was important to me to build this business from the ground up,” he says. Selling a portion of his collection on eBay helped fund a website of his own – a pivotal moment in our hero’s origin story.

“I knew before I even started building my website that it would be built on WordPress/WooCommerce”

“I knew before I even started building my website that it would be built on WordPress/WooCommerce,” says Jason. “The day my website was launched, WooCommerce was right there with me.”

By choosing the power and flexibility of an open-source operating system, Jason could start selling directly to comic collectors without relying on a third-party marketplace. While he still maintains an eBay presence, Jason estimates that 90% of sales now originate directly from his website – meaning more money in his pocket. Take that, additional fees!

When WooCommerce Payments launched in 2020, Certified Comic Shop was only accepting PayPal. Jason realized he was “leaving business on the table” by not having a more direct way to accept credit card transactions but had been put off by other popular online payment processors. “The setup seemed a bit beyond my technical knowledge,” he explains.

“WooCommerce Payments installed in a snap, and I was up and running in no time…my business increased essentially overnight.”

That’s why he was so excited to hear about WooCommerce Payments. “[It] installed in a snap, and I was up and running in no time. As I expected, once it was clear on my checkout pages that shoppers could pay with a credit card, my business increased essentially overnight.”

Hard work and dedication have grown Certified Comic Shop into one of the leading comic book eCommerce sites on the internet, with plans to expand operations to include a brick-and-mortar storefront within the next two years. Kapow!

Seeing and tracking this growth has been the most rewarding part of Jason’s venture to date. “As a marketing strategist, it’s one thing to work with a client and get results that help them achieve success. But it’s a totally different feeling when you’re utilizing that same knowledge and unique skill set to grow your own business.”

“Ultimately it’s a very satisfying feeling.”


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