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Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers

Chuckling Goat

Chuckling Goat sell a powerful probiotic drink called kefir, helping over 100,000 people regain their health.

All products are handmade on their family goat farm in Wales, UK, and are suitable for anyone who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea, acne, and allergies. Natural farming methods and a commitment happy goats and natural ingredients result in the best quality milk for kefir and cleansers.

The Chuckling Goat site offers subscriptions as well as one-off purchases, receiving hundreds of orders each day. Since starting out in 2014, Shann and Rich Jones have become the only kefir producers in the UK to work closely with a university laboratory facility. The company’s goal is to leave things better than they found them.

On the back of this, they have grown to become a multi-million pound company, selling almost completely online with the site serving as their main shop window and sales portal.

The backend of the site has some impressive customizations to streamline the entire order process, courtesy of developers Nuclear Ape. This includes automatic order sorting into custom categories depending on order contents, automatic marking of orders as complete once shipped.

“Hanuman at Nuclear Ape designed us such a fantastic website that we had 383% growth in sales in one year, although our budget for paid advertising is zero.They are great partners, and the help of the whole crew there has enabled us to drive meteoric growth.”
– Shann Jones, director: Chuckling Goat

These (and other) customizations also allow Chuckling Goat staff to take orders and create subscriptions over the phone.