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Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers


Heymat is a Norwegian company producing high-quality, beautifully designed mats.

These stylish, contemporary mats are made from recycled materials and created in collaboration with some of the region’s leading designers. “We love Norwegian and Scandinavian design and are proud to collaborate with some of Norway’s foremost designers,” says co-founder and CEO, Sonja Djønne.

Sonja established Heymat with her husband, Thoralf Lian, back in 2016, launching their first collection that same year. The couple’s goal was to introduce decorative mats of the same high quality as industrial mats to the home market. Valuing functionality, sustainability, and contemporary design, their mission is “to make your rooms a pleasure to come home to”.

Combining Sonja’s passion for interior design with Thoralf’s extensive knowledge of mat production, the brand has rapidly established itself in Scandinavian homes. Today, Haymats are available in Europe, America, and Asia.

“Our vision is to create mats that are both functional, environmentally friendly, and nice to look at. With its long-lasting quality and durable materials, we have always had a strong environmental profile.”

Heymat also wishes to spearhead a more environmentally conscious design industry. “In 2017 we replaced nylon with PET, a material with improved absorption capacity made from 50% recycled plastic,” says Sonja. “Design can and should be sustainable.”

“In 2018 we launched Heymat+, a collection with pile made from 100% recycled plastic. Combined with timeless designs…our mats will last for a long time, thus reducing the environmental footprint.”

When it came to their online presence, Heymat enlisted WooExperts Maksimer. The site adapts to the global market by using multiple languages and currencies. Maksimer has also made “…some cool customizations to WooCommerce and Klarna Checkout” in collaboration with developers, Krokedil.