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Lash Makers

Lash Makers is an eyelash art studio, academy, and lash supplies brand based in Miami, FL.

Founder, Elena Asher, was always on the lookout for the best lashing supplies possible, going through countless bottles of glues, primers, lashes, and tweezers in order to find the perfect solution.

After creating a line of products that she personally uses on a daily basis, Elena decided to share these supplies and her services with the world – Lash Makers was born.

Lash Makers offer one-on-one, private lash training and group classes all over the globe – from Miami, to Sydney, to Toronto – helping hundreds of students keep up with new trends and stay relevant.

Elena teamed up with WooExperts, Absolute Web Services, to completely redesign the brand’s website in order to make it easier for customers to find more information about her products and shop online.

“Besides standard eCommerce features, we have also added events and ability to enroll to Lash Makers classes, as well as, ability to partially or fully pay for the class.”
– Absolute Web Services