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The Orders tab allows access to a list of orders, gives you the option to filter it by status, search for a specific order, and view and manage orders. To access this view, tap the Orders icon on the navigation bar, bottom-left.

Order Filter

Orders can be filtered by Order Status and/or Date Range.

  1. Tap the Filter icon in the top toolbar
  2. Select Order Status to filter by: All, Pending payment, Processing, On hold, Failed, Canceled, Completed, or Refunded.
  3. Select Date Range to filter by: All, Today, Last 2 Days, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Custom Range (select a Start Date and End Date)
  4. After each filter selection, tap Show Orders to apply the filters
  5. While filters are active a filter count is shown on the Orders page, and CLEAR appears as an option in the Filters view. Tap CLEAR followed by Show Orders to reset all Order filters.

To search for a specific order or orders:

  1. Tap the Search icon in the top toolbar.
  2. Begin typing. The search will look for matching terms by first name, last name, product, and order number.

View and Manage Orders

View Orders

To view an order in detail, select an individual order in the list or tap the order displayed in the New Order notification.

The Order Detail screen provides details on:

  • Order date, number, customer name, and order status
  • A list of products ordered, quantity, attributes, and prices
  • Payment details
  • A button relative to the order status (e.g. Mark order complete for Processing, or Issue refund if available for Completed)
  • Customer notes
  • Shipping Details
  • Billing info, including customer name, address, and email
  • Order notes – private, system, and public

As of version 9.7, if an order has custom fields, the order details screen in the app will show a View custom fields button below the products on the order. Tapping the button opens a list of the custom fields.

Fulfill an Order

  1. Open an order with a Processing status to display the Order detail screen.
  2. Tap Mark order complete. The Review Order screen appears.
  3. Verify the product details and shipping information, then tap Mark order complete.

Marking an order complete with the app triggers a Completed Order email to the customer, the same as if the order was fulfilled on your site. More info at Email Notifications.

Note: Did you make a mistake? Upon submitting the order for fulfillment, a message with an option to undo will appear for a short time. Clicking Undo will revert the order back to its original status.

View Product Details

Open the detailed view of any product in the order by tapping on the product. 

Add an Order Note

  1. Open an order and scroll down to the Order Notes section. 
  2. Tap + ADD A NOTE
  3. Type to add a note. 
  4. The note is private by default, but can be made visible to the customer by toggling the Email note to customer setting. 
  5. Tap ADD in the top-right corner to save the note. 

Contact the Customer

  1. Open an order and scroll down to the Customer section and select SHOW BILLING.
  2. If a valid phone number was added during checkout, it will be visible underneath the billing address. Tapping the ellipsis menu to its right reveals options to Call or Message the customer (messages are sent to all numbers, but only succeed to mobile numbers).
  3. If a valid email address was added during checkout, it will be visible with an envelope icon to its right. Tap the icon to email the customer.