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Custom Stock Quantity Multiplier for WooCommerce

Installation Guide

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  1. Download the Custom Stock Quantity Multiplier for WooCommerce extension from your WooCommerce dashboard.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded.
  3. Click Install Now, and then Activate.
Alternatively, you can upload the “Custom Stock Quantity Multiplier for WooCommerce” plugin to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.

Steps to configure the product

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Configuration of stock quantity management for the variable products is not a time consuming task any more with Custom Stock Quantity Multiplier for WooCommerce  plugin as It did not provide a number of settings to manage. As soon as the plugin is installed and activated, You are ready to set the custom quantity in your variable products.
  • In order to access the interface provided by the plugin, You’ll have to create a new variable product or you also can edit an existing one
  • Navigate to the Product data section and manage the inventory by clicking the inventory tab. Here you’ll set the total number of available products in the stock.
  • Create the product and define the variants followed by the attribute creation.
  • Next you have to open each variation to set the individual quantity in the meta box named as Stock Unit Multiplier. This is the quantity that will be deducted from the total stock on the basis of the selected variant.
Here you go! Now the quantity will be deducted from the total stock based upon the variation selection by the customers. For eg, A customer is purchasing a Pack of three mugs then 3 mugs quantity will be deducted from the total stock.

Main features 

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 Custom Stock Quantity Multiplier for WooCommerce  has simple methods for managing inventory for stock quantity among variations. It will save you a lot of time managing individual stock values and will provide a better shopping experience for your customers, which can lead to increased sales. Here’s a quick overview of the features:
  • Sell personalized bundled products of same type
Custom Stock Quantity Multiplier for WooCommerce helps to sell bundles of the same products  easily.
  • Quantity multiplier
Specify the amount of stock that has been reduced per purchase.This will be helpful to keep updated your stock.
  • Manage Quantity
Site admin has the ability to update(increment/decrement) the quantity as per requirement from the edit product section.
  • Works well with refunded products
  • Notify to Customers
Customers will be notified about the available quantity of the product while the product is being added to the cart. For example, only 2 quantities of the product are available, or the product is out of stock. This plugin will show the information directly on the single product page
  • Restrict the customers to add  lower stock products in the cart
If a product type is added into the cart more than available quantity , then the plugin gives a notice and restricts the customers from adding the cart.


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If the total stock of a variable product has reached 0 but, some of the variations still appear as in-stock, please ensure that the managed stock option is turned off for the corresponding variation.Because, In this case the WooCommerce quantity validation will create a conflict with the plugins total stock quantity management .


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  • From where can I update the quantity multiplier?
On plugin installation a new metabox will be provided by the plugin from where the quantity  multiplier can be updated. Navigate to Products >> Add New >> Variations(open up the collapse )>> and enter the quantity you want to be reduced on the purchase of that particular variant.
  • Can I increase the inventory in case the items are again available in my stock?
Yes! You can update the inventory any time by editing the product, and the updated inventory will show up on the front end, while purchasing the product.
  • Would I need to enable inventory management at variation level?
No! You only have to enter the total stock by navigating to Add Product >> Inventory >> Stock Quantity.