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Google Shopping Integration for WooCommerce

You can now connect your WooCommerce store to Google Merchant Center with the help of Google Shopping Integration app. Gain healthy organic traffic to your store with the Free Listings Program on Google Shopping. Exhibit your products to various Google platforms such as Search, Assistant, Shopping, Images, etc. by leveraging Surfaces Across Google.

Google Shopping is the most trusted platform which enables customers to make educated decisions by comparing products. This in return gives merchants the invaluable opportunity to stand above the competition. This unpaid experience helps you in gaining improved visibility of your products and tools to track critical data including clicks per month. Additionally, you can strengthen your paid Shopping campaign by boosting it with the Free Listings Campaign.

Open more opportunities for customers with huge product options right from your WooCommerce store and help them recognize your brand on Google Surfaces itself. Simply said, you can now bring extra limelight and heighten your online presence as well as brand individuality without hassle and at zero expenses.

Key Features ↑ Back to top

  • Experience quick and easy Onboarding to Google Merchant Center Account and Ads account.
  • Establish seamless data synchronization between the WooCommerce store, Google Merchant Center, and Google Ads.
  • Create Google Shopping Ad campaigns from WooCommerce.
  • Create Google Ads Account from WooCommerce

How to get started? ↑ Back to top


To begin using Google Connector Plugin, you would need to enter your Gmail email address in the provided field.

After entering your email, click on the Connect Your Google Account button to begin linking your google account with our plugin. Upon clicking the button a popup window will appear where you will need to login to your google account. We will then ask for your permission to finish connecting to your google account.


After you have allowed permission to the CedCommerce Google App to link your account, you will be presented with a screen where you can either create a new Google Merchant account or link to your existing Google Merchant Account. Choose any one option and follow the prompts which appear. The popup window will automatically close after a connection has been made.

Submitting your website to Google ↑ Back to top



To begin creating campaigns and running Google Ads you first need to add google-site-verification meta tag to your website header. We have made it a lot easier to add the meta tag by just clicking on the button labelled Claim & Add. Upon clicking, we will fetch the meta tag

<meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”xxxxxxxxxx”/> from Google and add it to the website <head></head> tags automatically. The google-site-verification meta tag is used to verify ownership of the website for Google Search Console. To learn more about meta tags, please visit this link.


Creating Google Ads Account ↑ Back to top


The next step in connecting your WooCommerce Store to Google is creating a Google Ads Account. Before you can set up your first Google Smart Shopping Campaign, you need to create a Google Ads Account. After you have verified the ownership of your website through the Claim & Verify section you will be automatically redirected to the Google Ads Account section of our plugin. In this section, you need to enter a name for your Google Ads Account along with the email address which you used in the beginning of the setup process. Then, choose your preferred account Currency as well as Timezone. Click on Create Account to finish creating your Google Ads Account. Please note that, for your Google Ads Account to be functional you must verify your account through the link which Google will send to the email address entered while creating a Google Ads Account.

Create and View Google Smart Shopping Campaigns ↑ Back to top

RFM – C.10 Create campaign 

RFM – C.120 Set budget 

RFM – C.506 Set sales country

RFM – C.190 Create ad group 

RFM – C.525 Add first (root) product partition



Smart Shopping campaigns are Google’s machine learning-driven campaigns for product ads. A Smart Shopping campaign automatically pulls product data from a feed and uses it to create Shopping ads specifically designed for your customers. After you have created and verified the Google Ads Account, you may begin creating a Google Smart Shopping Campaign.

On the Smart Shopping Campaign page you will see the list of all your campaigns along with options to edit the location as well as the Campaign Details.

In order to create a Google Smart Shopping Campaign, click on the Create New Smart Shopping Campaign button and enter the Campaign Name followed by selecting the Google Ads Account created in the previous step. After that, set a budget for the campaign. Then lastly, you can set your location targeting preferences by clicking on the checkboxes alongside location preferences. The location targeting can be set to –

  1. A specific geographical location(s).
  2. All countries and territories.
  3. WooCommerce Store Region only.

Please set only one location preference while selecting locations to target.

Click on the Create Campaign button to create the campaign.

To edit your Campaign details such as Name, Budget and Status click on the pencil icon and enter the new values for Name and Budget as well as setting the Campaign Status to Enabled or Paused.

RFM – M.10 Edit campaign settings

RFM – M.120 Edit budget

RFM – M.110 Pause / enable/ remove campaign


You can also edit the location of your campaign by clicking on the Edit Location button and entering the new location. Click on Save Changes button to save your Campaign Location.

RFM – M.10 Edit campaign settings


Account Reports ↑ Back to top

RFM – R.10 Account Performance

RFM – R.20 Campaign Performance

RFM – R.110 Shopping Performance

RFM – R.120 Product Partition

We also provide the option to view a detailed report of your campaign, account, ads and budget. Using the report section of our plugin, you can view various reports such as –





In order to view the reports, select the type of report to view from the Type of Report dropdown and the Date Range from the Date Range dropdown. Click on the View Report button which will populate the selected report type for you.

To download the report in the CSV format, click on the Generate Report Button after selecting the Report Type and Date Range and the report will be downloaded to your computer.

Google Shopping Product Listing Management ↑ Back to top


Uploading products one by one can be a tedious task. You can upload products either one at a time or in bulk by selecting them on the product listing page.

You will have 3 abilities there :

  • Upload to Google : You can select products and can upload them on Google using this bulk action.This option helps you to upload products with title, description, images,stock and price.
  • Update On Google : You can select products and can update them on Google using this bulk action.This option will update your existing product’s title, description, stock and price.
  • Remove from Google : You can select products and can remove them on Google using this bulk action. This option will remove the product  from the Merchant center.




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