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Woocommerce as Point of Sale: POS, Cash Register aka Kiosk mode Extension

‘This extension idea will turn Woocommerce into an Point of Sale for small shop owners and other business. Shopkeepers can use woocommerce to use as a cash register that automatically syncronizes with the Woocommerce product stock.

i am not looking to integrate an existing shopping cart system into Woocommerce. There are so many different cart systems out there (Quickbooks POS, Shopify, Vend, Checkout, etc etc) and most likely a seperate plugin will be developed for each system.

This extension should have some basic features

– Barcode scanning (using sKU)
– Checkout of products not in Woocommerce
– Easy addition of products by barcode
– html5 compliant (also offline usage)
– Receipt printing
– Sales reporting

I think that this extension would be a viable alternative for very small shops and businesses that do not have the capital to invest in other shopping cart systems. Most online POS systems cost $ 50-75 per month. That can be a lot of money for small shops. A onetime fee for an extensions would be more reasonable.

The development of this plugin might be complicated because of Woocommerce limitations. For example, in our shop we sometimes sell articles that are not on our website. This needs to be possible for Woocommerce. The solution is that products can be defined in two types; For POS only or Web only.

Current Status


Last updated: August 15, 2022


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Would love this!

  2. Tim says:

    I am definetally interested in having this as my POS and barcode scanner integration.
    It would avoid managing two stock systems

  3. Anonymous says:

    ‘+3 for this

  4. Davys says:

    I agree..This would been amazing.

  5. buzzmandt says:

    This would be awesome…

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is exactly what our shop wants to do. Any idea if it will happen and if so, when?

  7. BaseQuatro says:

    Need This ASAP!

  8. Jesper says:

    That would be absolutely fantastic!

  9. Calendarboy says:

    I’m wondering if this could lead to a way for us to process phone/mail/fax orders (which account for 45% of our retail orders).

  10. bliblablo1 says:

    The simplest approach would be most likely the “IS4C” approach.
    http://www.wedge.coop/is4c/ –> Demo
    One central Input field for the barcode + “control commands”.

  11. Louie Palos says:

    I have two retail stores interested in this idea. Even if we could just integrate with ShopKeep POS that would be great!

  12. Shawn says:

    Absolutly, We should atake a look at the Squareup mobile solution, the iPad register is nice, their fees are too high but the convience and ease of the simple register is tremendous but they are silent on any integrations or roadmap to an inventory.

  13. Efrain Vargas says:

    really needed, would be great

  14. Anonymous says:

    This would be awesome

  15. Anonymous says:

    this would be nice to have as a extension and manage in store!

  16. Xavier says:

    Something like Shopify POS http://www.shopify.com/pos/

  17. Adrian Taropa says:

    I think woocommerce is missing out big because of this. I have a lot of clients who turn their heads at the solution you offer and go for the more complicated systems (which cost more to maintain, cost more to train people and result in crappier sites) just because they integrate with POS systems and ERP systems.

    building Woocommerce without this feature is just like building a sports car without wheels (a bit exagerated but you get the idea.) I believe in Woocommerce and can’t wait for it to graduate from theory to a viable, usable solution.

  18. Julian Kingman says:

    I’d keep my eye on this one, which is under very active development. Until then, there are other options out there: http://woopos.com.au/

  19. Jason says:

    Are there any POS systems out there that can hook into Woo Commerce? We have a local clinic with many local customers but we are enjoying a lot of growth in the virtual side of the practice. It would be great to have a POS system that would talk to Woo Commerce and at least adjust inventories.

  20. Anonymous says:

    We are working on developing a POS solution for WooCommerce. Stay tuned. Anyone who is interested in it can sign up here: http://goo.gl/forms/CxDFp3g4sp

    I will also be needing beta testers at some point.

  21. me märkəˈteer says:

    Is the project of syncing squareup with woocommerce live yet ?? – we are soon launching our online store …our first choice is to stick with squareup register (brick and mortar) – however we can’t wait indefinitely – so we are looking into paypal ….hope for woocomm and square can play together soon.

  22. unocoma says:

    Thanks Matty, but a simple question please…

    Is this already your official and final POS?
    Or are you going to develop your own WooCommerce POS?

    Your App also needs an urgent update for creating and editing new products from it, scanning barcodes, etc…

    We need to know it because this Square extension seems just another tool as you did before with Lightspeed… And we can’t waste more time playing with all these half measures…

    Please, let us know! We need your POS! Any plan at your route map?


  23. David says:

    I just need Square (or similar) integration for Australia… WC POS and Square… Bring it…
    I have a beta tester ready to go…

  24. Ilona says:

    To David, what is your beta tester is about? Do you try this POS software before?

  25. Lou Geezer says:

    When will WooCommerce work with a Square cash drawer and receipt printer?

  26. Matt Johnson says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Just came by something called “Oliver POS” which seems to be doing all the things mentioned in this group.
    Have anybody tried it? I am kinda of desperate for a well working solution for WooCommerce…


  27. Mathias Nielsen says:

    Hey All,

    After using all the different POS plugins and not being properly satisfied any of them. Me and some colleagues set on a journey to build a professional POS solution that is directly tied into WooCommerce but yet works with all hardware like receipt printers, iPads etc.

    We have build in the ability to do split payments and all the things you would expect from a professional system. We are constantly adding more features so if you are missing something don’t hesitate to reach out.

    You can find us at: https://www.oliverpos.com

    If you want to try it out please feel free to contact us.

    Mathias Nielsen

    Thanks for mentioning us Matt Johnson!

  28. Teek says:

    Hi everyone, i would like to find out two things about woocommerce pos.
    1) how does the pos function offline? since you have to be logged into your back-end. and how does it synchronize with the online store does it mean there has to be a localhost site aswell, please kindly explain that to me.

    2) how do i create my own custom receipt on the pos? do i have to have the pro version for me to be able to customize my receipt so that it contains the details i want?

  29. Brett Sinclair says:

    Woocommerce with POS is really great invent. I would like to suggest new and advanced POS https://elitepos.com.au/


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