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Four Ways to Identify and Encourage Rituals in your Customer’s Journey

November 6, 2015 - 4 Comments

Since the beginning of time, rituals have been a part of how we live and make sense of the world. They help us remember important happenings, we know where we are in the calendar by them, and like little compasses they guide us. There is comfort to be found in the familiar.

In older days, rituals were prompted by things like the seasons, local happenings, the rhythms of your neighborhood and your family. But the rituals that make up our modern lives are different: they’re quicker, global, automated and often influenced by the products, services or apps we choose.

Brands have been part of our lives for decades, but never to the extent that the internet and smartphones have allowed. It is now near impossible to escape brand messaging. Some moments with brands we begrudge, some we love, some we barely notice.

What does all this mean for your online store? There are a string of moments that make up a customer’s journey, and paying closer attention to these can do great things for your brand. And if you can create a ritual out of one or two? Bingo.

In this post we’ll look at four ways you can both identify existing rituals in your customer journey and create new ones, and why it’s all worth it. But first, a bit of background on how social media has changed brand-building, and a case study of a brand knocking the customization and ritualizing of their customer’s journey out of the park.

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How to Drive Customers to Engage with Your eCommerce Blog

December 31, 2014 - 1 Comment

customer-blog-engagementSometimes, it seems like there are more blogs out there than readers.

This has gotten to be even more of a problem with the rise of community content sites like Tumblr and Reddit that give blog readers one-stop shops for information on specialty topics that interest them.

Only a small percentage of blogs have a regular readership. The high rates of abandonment among new bloggers is part of the reason why, but a much larger part is that too many of them are taking Field of Dreams literally and assuming that simply writing quality content will magically draw viewers.

So, if building it doesn’t ensure they’ll come, what will?

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