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Everything You Should Know about WooCommerce Gift Guides

October 10, 2018 - 7 Comments

I love to give people gifts. There’s something so cool about finding the perfect item for someone based on an offhand comment, something you noticed, or something they didn’t realize they needed. But… finding a great gift is hard when you don’t have the perfect idea ready to go. I find giving gifts toughest to do around the holidays because I’m looking for gifts for a lot of people at once.

At this time of year, I want help to generate ideas. I’ll often know of a store that my gift recipient likes, but I might not have a particular item in mind. I find gift guides extremely useful in this situation — I’ll visit a store, see that they have “Gifts for brothers”, “Gifts for moms”, or similar, and check out a few guides to find something my recipient will like.

Gift guides are a really useful tool for new customers and can be key to encouraging that first order from a customer. Once someone has purchased once, you’re in a better position to market to them and encourage them to come back after the holidays — repeat customers have a 27% chance of returning, so gift guides are worth the initial investment to start a relationship with a customer.

For returning customers, gift guides also have value. They help focus customer attention on specific items and help existing customers who are already loyal to your shop find the perfect item even when they don’t have something specific in mind.

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How to create a useful holiday gift guide

September 1, 2015 - 2 Comments

In many parts of the world, September means warm weather, back to school for the kids, and a few weeks more of BBQs or weekend getaways to the beach. The holidays are probably the last thing on your mind. Makes sense, right?

If you’re an online store owner, or you work for an agency that creates content for eCommerce websites, the time to think about the holidays is now. Not next month, and certainly not a week before Christmas. Your planning should start several months before the holidays actually happen, because if you wait too long, you won’t be able to adequately prepare your store, your marketing, or your team for the biggest shopping season of the year.

And without adequate preparation, you could miss out on multiple valuable chances to make money.

Today, we’re going to explore how you can create a gift guide that not only resonates with your customers and visitors, but also makes you a serious amount of money. To top it all off, we’ll also offer you a bonus checklist, which will help you organize your thoughts and get you started on your own guide.


Ready to kick off your holiday planning? Shrug off those sandals and get comfortable — it’s time to take the first step toward creating a useful, functional gift guide.

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