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what3words is Building a New Global Addressing Standard

March 12, 2019 - 9 Comments

When Chris Sheldrick started a business organizing live music events, he noticed that people got physically lost all the time. It was so common, frustrating, and bad for business – you can’t afford bands or instruments being late to gigs and festivals! – that he met up with a mathematician friend to come up with a solution.

From a daily frustration came a digital solution for organizing physical presence, now on its way to becoming a global addressing standard: here’s the what3words story.

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How to Use Location-Based Marketing for Your Online Store

July 28, 2014 - 1 Comment

Location-Based MarketingLocation-based marketing is becoming more popular thanks to geotargeting. In case you’re not familiar, this kind of marketing works by displaying ads and targeting messages when a customer is in a specific physical location.

Location-based marketing is typically associated with brick and mortar businesses. When a potential customer gets near your business, she’d be presented with a targeted ad that encourages her to come into your store.

But what if your business is online only? Believe it or not, e-commerce stores can benefit from geo-location marketing, too. Here’s how.

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