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Calculate your price for WooCommerce

Developed by Consortia AS
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Calculate your price for WooCommerce

Developed by Consortia AS

Set the price based on cost of goods and markup

This extension set up new prices using purchase price, cost of goods and markup. It comes with handy bulk functions to do calculations direct on products and variations. Want to see your profit on your products, value at cost and current retail value for your stock? Here you get it on the fly. It even has a control mechanism that control prices and check for negative profit.

Cost, markup, new price and profit

Calculate your price - main page

Do we have the right price and good profit on our products? Generally this is important, this extension will make it easy to set and control price and profit using cost and markup. To do this just set the purchase price, then other cost (like handling), this two fields now equals cost of goods. As we now have cost of goods, let us say our t-shirt is $10 and we want to have a markup of 100% so we just enter 200 in the input field for markup + enter. The new price field shows $20 as a suggestion price. Now the value at cost, retail value and profit has got values as well. Compare the new price with the current price and if it is good, just click the save all button. Remember, all of this can be done using handy bulk functions.

Download the calculations!

There can be a several reasons for having a copy of the product list, i.e a backup, a file to present to others with graphs and more. The download (.csv) button creates a file based on the category you have selected. This file can then be opened in applications like MS Excel and Apple Numbers.

Already using Cost of goods for your products?

If you already is using Cost of goods on your products, then just go to settings > integration and enter the cost of goods field and Calculate your price will use this value for cost of goods for calculations. If you do not have this plugin, Calculate your price creates the cost of goods field that you can use on all your products. More information about this integration is available in the documentation.

Using Bulk Table Editor for WooCommerce?

If you work with prices in one category and find out your want to set up sales, the Set up sales link let you jump to Bulk Table Editor and set up sales in the same category. More information about your prices and profit will enable you to make better decisions when setting up sales on your products. Integration is done automatically.

Key features

  • Bulk functions for every price field, markup field and stock quantity.
  • Automatically calculate as you enter values in the table or use bulk functions.
  • Control mechanism for prices and negative profit values.
  • Adds purchase price and cost of goods fields to your existing products
  • Totals of stock, value at cost, retail value and profit are shown in table.
  • Search and filter functions that enables to bulk set price for a selection of products.
  • Clear calculations.
  • Bulk delete products and variations.
  • Download (.csv) file per category or all products. Includes calculations and last changed date.
  • Several integrations.

The extension is compatible with

  • WooCommerce products and variations
  • WooCommerce subscription and variations



  • English (default)
  • Norwegian
  • POT file for easy translating to other languages

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