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Customize Order Numbers

The Custom Order Number extension enables you to replace default order numbers with custom order numbers.

Custom numbers may be more meaningful to your customers or add to your stores’ operational efficiency. The Custom Order Number extension also helps you keep business information private. Default order numbers may allow others to estimate your store’s sales volume.

Instead of offering just pre-fix and post-fix, the extension enables you to customize your order number by using an open field where you can add text, symbols, and variables. You can use up to eleven different variables to customize the order number. Variables include date, day, year, random number, sequential counter and more.

For example, you can replace the default order number 1343 with something like WOO-09134334 where WOO is the brand name added as text, 09 is the month, 1343 is the default order number and 34 is a 2-digit random number.


  • Enable or disable the custom counter at any time
  • Use the open text field to customize order numbers with variables
  • Use up to 11 variables to customize order numbers
  • Variables include a sequential counter, customized start, interval, rest time, and length

Customizing order numbers

Using an open field, you can customize order numbers with letters, words, digits, special characters, symbols, and predefined variables.

As soon as you start adding variables, customization options will appear. For example, when you add {counter}, the settings related to counter will appear. You will be able to customize counter start, interval rest and other details.

Order variables

You can choose from the following 11 variables to customize your store’s order numbers.

  • Random number
  • Random letter
  • Random alphanumeric
  • Counter
  • Default Order ID
  • Year
  • Year short form
  • Month
  • Week
  • Day of the week
  • Current day


Minimum PHP version: 5.2


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