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Free Shipping Amount Counter

Display amount left for free shipping and encourage customers to buy more!

Show Amount Counter to Avail Free Shipping

  • Incentivize customers with free shipping
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and interest
  • Boost customer loyalty and brand recognition 
  • Retain customers & reduce chances of customers switching
  • Stand out and make your customers feel rewarded

Display the amount remaining to qualify for free shipping and encourage your customers to buy more using WooCommerce Free Shipping Amount Counter.

Most customers prefer purchasing an extra item from the store rather than paying for delivery. To take advantage of this, you can showcase the amount counter on multiple pages, including the shop, product, cart, and checkout.

The free shipping amount can be adjusted, and once a customer qualifies for free shipping, you can display a custom message—the text before and after the amount can be customized for each page separately.

Additionally, you can limit free shipping to specific users and use a short code to place the free shipping feature anywhere on your site.


  • Display a free shipping amount counter on all or selected pages
  • Add custom free shipping amount
  • Show Free Shipping Counter always, or when products are added to the cart
  • Display a custom message when the customer earns free shipping
  • Limit the display of the counter based on user roles
  • Display the Free Shipping counter on the following pages:
    • Shop page
    • Product pages
    • Cart page
    • Checkout page
  • Add custom text pre and post-counter for each page
  • Customize text and text position on each page
  • Adjust text color and size on each page
  • Showcase free shipping cost before or after taxes
  • Display the amount counter anywhere on the website using a shortcode

free shipping amount counter for woocommerce

Why Show Free Shipping Amount Counter?

Displaying a free shipping amount counter can significantly:

  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Conversion & Engagement
  • Decrease Cart Abandonment

woocommerce free shipping amount counter

Allow Free Shipping to Selected Users

Offer free shipping on your store and choose an amount that will qualify customers for delivery without a shipping fee. To keep your customers aware of the free shipping feature, you can either display it ALWAYS or after the product is added to the cart.

You can choose to consider the amount with or without taxes and enable free shipping for selected user roles. This allows you to target your audience better and offer free shipping perks to special users. Once the free shipping is applied, you can display a custom message to customers to congratulate them.

free shipping amount counter for woocommerce

Display Free Shipping Counter on Multiple Pages 

Depending on your need, you can display a free shipping amount counter on single or multiple pages. You can easily select the pages from the extensions’ settings and customize the counter displayed on these pages. The counter can be displayed on the Shop Page, Product Page, Checkout Page, and Cart Page

Similarly, you can customize the counter on these pages by:

  • Enabling / Disabling counter
  • Adding text before the amount
  • Adding text after the amount
  • Changing text color
  • Changing text size
  • Changing text position on the page

free shipping amount counter for woocommerce

Shortcode Settings

You can use a shortcode to place a free shipping amount counter anywhere on any page. Just simply paste [koala_shipping_notice] to place the free shipping amount counter in your desired location.

free shipping amount counter for woocommerce


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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