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OneStock for WooCommerce

Developed by Inpsyde
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OneStock for WooCommerce

Developed by Inpsyde

OneStock for WooCommerce by Inpsyde

Simply set the same Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) value on products, belonging to different sites of the same network, and OneStock synchronizes them. It sets a unique value to on stock quantities for that product.

Dealing with several shops while having just one physical stock location is now possible: stock quantities of each product across multiple shops will be unified, just like they are in your actual warehouse.

OneStock for WooCommerce in 60 seconds!

Are you planning to build a multi-language solution? OneStock for WooCommerce and MultilingualPress 3 are the perfect combination!

Both OneStock for WooCommerce and MultilingualPress belong to the Inpsyde family. The plugins are 100% compatible and use the power of the Multisite environment to help you succeed.

If used together, they allow you to build a professional ecommerce system based on WooCommerce, and provide a reliable multi-language shop system at the enterprise level.

Here are the main features and benefits that OneStock for WooCommerce offers:


  • Automatically synchronize stock across Multisite through the SKU value.
  • Multisite. Built to work in a Multisite environment, it perfectly fits your multi-shop network.
  • Built on WooCommerce. OneStock uses and enhances the core features of WooCommerce.
  • MultilingualPress. OneStock is 100% compatible with MultilingualPress — together they can easily manage a powerful multi-language shop system.
  • Backorder and negative stock can be properly managed.
  • Product availability in the frontend is accessible through the usual WooCommerce interface: customers see the same product availability on each sub site.

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