PayPal PLUS for Germany integrates all PayPal PLUS payment methods into your WooCommerce store quickly and easily, including: PayPal, Direct debit, Credit card and Pay upon invoice. Note, this extension is for businesses with their registered office in Germany.

On the checkout page, the plugin loads an iFrame which is provided by PayPal. It offers all PayPal PLUS payment methods to the buyer. Depending on their choice, the buyers are, after clicking the buy-button, guided to the PayPal form or to forms where they can enter the data to pay via Direct debit, Credit card or upon invoice.


  • More payment methods: PayPal PLUS enables to integrate the four most popular payment methods into your shop: PayPal, Direct debit, Credit card, pay upon invoice.
  • Easier integration: all payment methods in only one plugin.
  • More safety: PayPal vendor protection protects against from losing money to chargebacks and reversals for all transactions.
  • Attract more customers: with or without PayPal account.
  • Userfriendly and responsive checkout: made by PayPal.
  • Transaction amount is directly credited to your PayPal account after transaction
  • Transparent and the same fees for all payment methods – without signup- or monthly fees.
  • PCI conformity: On the checkout page, our plugin loads an iFrame being hosted by PayPal in which all transaction data are entered.


At the moment, PayPal PLUS is only available for customers having their registered office in Germany. Nonetheless, international transactions work. Customers not in Germany can only choose between the payment methods PayPal and Credit card.


You want to have more information about PayPal PLUS? You can find all details on PayPal’s pages.


  • PayPal PLUS for WooCommerce PDF guide – download here
  • PayPal PLUS for WooCommerce – Youtube Video


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