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SkuVault Core for WooCommerce

Optimize operations with inventory and warehouse management designed for omnichannel ecommerce

  • Manage your warehouse and inventory for multiple channels in one place
  • Increase quality control by reducing out-of-stocks, picking, and shipping errors
  • Re-order with confidence—make purchasing decisions backed by hard data

SkuVault Core is a warehouse and inventory management platform that empowers B2C and B2B companies to optimize operations while lowering costs. We solve the most difficult challenge in omnichannel and ecommerce fulfillment: managing and tracking inventory at scale.

Integrating SkuVault Core with WooCommerce allows store owners to manage inventory, update stock levels, and manage orders with a complete back-end solution.


• Automatic synchronization of inventory levels across marketplaces every 12 hours
• Customizable selection of data and fields to import automatically
• Unique inventory tools, which make order fulfillment easier
• Decreases overselling and out-of-stocks
• Allows you to offer product kitting

SkuVault Core by Linnworks is for growing retailers who want to simplify their ecommerce operations. It allows them to manage their inventory and warehouse in one place.

We built SkuVault Core for multichannel merchants. Our solution increases efficiency and improves your bottom line. On average, our clients decrease their out-of-stocks by 90%, labor costs by 30%, and fulfillment time by 87%.

SkuVault Core uses your actual physical inventory, as it is scanned into and out of your warehouse or store. With real-time data, we synchronize your inventory with your online marketplaces.
Real-time quantity syncs prevent operations errors, including overselling and out-of-stocks. SkuVault Core’s smart re-order reports are backed by hard data, ensuring that your purchasing decisions are accurate.

SkuVault Core will continue to innovate and react to market changes and opportunities. Grow your WooCommerce store and other channels confidently, knowing SkuVault Core will seamlessly scale and support your success.

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