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Offer Customized Bundles

Use the WISDM Custom Product Boxes plugin for WooCommerce to offer customized bundles to your customers.

Offering bundles increases sales. Buyers view bundles as having added value—they get more for a reduced cost. This leads to more conversions and larger purchases.

There are several bundling strategies you can introduce on your WooCommerce store with the Wisdm Custom Product Boxes plugin. It’s the most convenient plugin out there to help you offer bundle options including pre-sorted bundles, partially filled boxes and allowing customers to mix and match products.


Create product bundles or kits

Sell pre-filled bundles on your WooCommerce store: group products, add-on services, or accessories to create a high-value deal.

Work with clean and modern layouts

Offer your buyers simple and professional layouts to build their bundles. Buyers can create assortments easily on desktop and mobile devices.

Sell partially filled bundles

Allow buyers to purchase a custom box that’s not full or set up partially filled boxes, and let customers add products to the box when purchasing.

Allow customers to create assortments

Create unlimited empty boxes on kits of different sizes. Let customers mix and match products of their choice and create personalized assortments.


Dynamically price bundles

Set a fixed price or dynamically calculate the price of bundles based on the products added to them.

Sell bundles as gifts

Offer buyers an option to purchase boxes as gifts with the ability to add custom messages.

Set a base price

If contents come packaged in a premium box, you can set a base price to the bundle and incrementally increase the price as products are added to the box.

Allow customers to create kits

Let buyers select individual products they want to purchase as a bundle. Allow simple or variable products to be added.

Give buyers a visual experience

Increase purchases by letting buyers create a box, watch the box being filled, and gauge how many more products can be added.

Create subscription boxes

Use WooCommerce Subscriptions to allow customers to purchase products on a monthly or yearly basis to generate ongoing revenue.

Sell box subscriptions

Works with WooCommerce Subscriptions to allow users to subscribe to a custom box on a monthly or yearly basis. Keep recurring revenue flowing in!

Customize the look of product boxes

Style custom boxes and product layouts with unique frontend designs as per your brand and theme.

Maintain branding

Use site colours, set box quantity, pick box layout or personalize it as per your choice.

Why do WooCommerce store builders need this product?

To offer buyers the experience of a conventional store, where they can mix and match products and build their own assortments or packs. To sell bundles, offer bundle deals, and increase average order value.


Minimum PHP version: 7.2

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