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WooCommerce ShippingEasy

Developed by WooCommerce
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WooCommerce ShippingEasy

Developed by WooCommerce

Easy order fulfillment for WooCommerce, using the ShippingEasy service.

The ShippingEasy plugin downloads orders from WooCommerce and all your major marketplaces and automatically maps to custom shipping preferences, streamlines shipping, and auto-pastes back tracking information to your store(s). Discounted shipping labels, in seconds. Supports all major carriers.

ShippingEasy integrates with leading marketplaces, shopping carts, platforms, inventory management systems, and accounting software to allow order, tracking and fulfillment data to populate in real time across every place you sell online. Advanced automation features such as mapping, rules, and AutoShip cut your shipping time down to seconds instead of hours. Enjoy up to 46% off USPS postage rates, up to 80% off in some instances with our exclusive Flat Rate Green price offering, and plug in your UPS and FedEx negotiated rates. Phone, chat and email support available with extended hours available.

Key Features

  • Create shipping labels with the lowest available rates for orders faster and easier than ever before
  • Rules / mapping: Use IF/THEN statements to automate shipping (e.g. IF parcel >2lbs., THEN map to USPS Priority Mail)
  • Create tracking numbers when orders are made that are automatically sent to customers
  • Cloud-based: access your orders, shipments, history and reporting remotely with no need to download or install anything
  • Smart International shipping: Auto-populate customs forms and make shipping internationally as easy as domestic
  • Easy Returns: Create a return shipping label in one click for customers, or include a scan-based return label with your order that is only charged if used

ShippingEasy & WooCommerce

ShippingEasy integrates with 30+ online stores and marketplaces. ShippingEasy is for WooCommerce sellers of all sizes, with the ability to handle any order volume size, whether you’re just starting out in eCommerce or need to ship thousands of orders daily.

The Lowest Shipping Rates Available

ShippingEasy gives you access to Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) on all your postage, which is typically reserved for companies shipping more than 50,000 packages annually. On top of CPP, Plus-Enterprise accounts can utilize our proprietary Flat Rate Green Cubic Rates that can beat out CPP rates on some order types.

Save Time Shipping Daily Orders

Take advantage of shipping automation features that drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to process orders.

  • Print shipping labels and process orders anywhere you sell online, not just your WooCommerce store orders
  • Print labels in batches instead of one at a time
  • Use shipping rules to assign specific shipping services to common order types, generating shipping labels automatically
  • Automate the communication of tracking numbers to customers
  • Much more

Not Just Shipping: Manage Inventory, Too

ShippingEasy wants to make inventory easy, too. Manage inventory levels for your WooCommerce store and other places you sell online. Create purchase orders, sync stock levels, and much more. Read more about ShippingEasy Inventory Management.

Customer Communications

Want a place to communicate with all your customers no matter where they purchased from you? ShippingEasy gives you the ability to do so, unifying your customer base in one place for easy communications.

The Best Customer Support in the Industry

We take customer service seriously at ShippingEasy. Reach out to us through our chat box, email, our extensive knowledge base, or call for direct access to support agents—calls go straight to real people working in our Austin, TX Headquarters. Live support 12 hours a day, 7AM-7PM CST

Let Us Help with Shipping

Automate your shipping so you can do what is most important: Grow your business. ShippingEasy takes back-end eCommerce tasks and makes them easy.

Learn more at

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